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Virtual Reality: Things People Probably Do not Know

Virtual reality sounds like science romance for most of us, but the plaudits futurist and discoverer Ray Kurzweil has considered it more to the hold of our telephones than a spooky, the new technology. The telephone is virtual reality in which people can meet with someone as if they are together, at least in the […]

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Know About Remote Access

Software solutions such as remote access have made you do more than just retrieve files and is life saving. To the host PC these solutions works by sending input from your keyboard and mouse and an image of its screen will be sent back. It is same as you sitting in front of your primary […]

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Frequently Asked Questions About Oculus Rift

There are lots of people who may not know as much regarding the Oculus Rift, why people are so eager for it, or even if they should take the fall on VR yet. Below are some of the questions you may sometime afraid to ask. What is virtual reality? Virtual reality’s current form uses images […]

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Learn How to Backup and Restore the Windows Registry

Windows Registry can be changed at any time and all the articles you write will tell you to keep up the backup first. Let us study about how to make this happen and it is not as simple as you think. Like any other file you can’t backup and Restore the registry and it is […]

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EMET A Valuable Tool for PC Protection

Computer is a device where you store a lot of important personal and professional data. There will some sensitive data which you don’t wish to share that data with anyone. Unfortunately there are many hackers around us and they may miss use your data. But one thing to consider is even most of the people […]

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Simple Step to Remove Virus Manually

How to manually find and remove a virus? For every computer users of all over world, it is very important to have some knowledge regarding system viruses or other malicious programs. Once any of these viruses get into the user system then it might infect and cause destruction of the PC. Malwares are categorized into […]

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