How to retrieve lost images from SD cards

Digital cameras are widely used for photography in various fields and the captured data from cameras will be stored on memory devices like memory sticks, SD cards, etc. These memory cards can be used for storing not only media files from digital cameras but also to store various data like files, text documents, etc on Smart phones, mobile phones, etc.

The data like photos on SD cards of digital camera can be lost on account of various situations.  One of such situation is here. Think that the storage device on your digital camera that has stored some huge set of pictures on it was damaged because of the corrupt firmware. Firmware is a kind of software that controls proper functionality of the device similar to operating system on computers.  So this firmware supports the capturing and storing of images in memory cards. If this firmware is corrupted due to any virus or false functioning then the files will become corrupt on memory card thus you might lose data. There can be even more scenarios that might lead to data loss and some are mentioned here:

  • Accidental format – If you accidentally format the memory card without taking backup of required data then you might have to face severe data loss.
  • Frequent removal of card from camera – When the card is been inserted on the camera to store captured pictures and videos, if it is being removed and inserted for numerous times without any caution then the card might get corrupt and the data might be lost.
  • Deleting files – While viewing photos on camera if you accidentally delete all the pictures with the option ‘delete all’ then you will have to face severe data loss.
  • Power issues in camera – The digital camera has to be used with proper power supply. Using the camera to capture photos even when it is showing battery low the memory card might become corrupt and thus the data can be lost.
  • Memory card interface with other devices – When you connect memory card on to the system to copy any data or to transfer data and if the interface is not proper then the data might get corrupt and thus you may undergo data loss.

In all these situations the lost data like photos can be recovered using digital picture recovery software that also recovers all types of data. The software scans for the lost or deleted data files on corrupt storage devices and thus you can perform photo recovery from SD card easily. The software is applicable on different systems of OS like Windows and Mac. And the features of this software can be explained here:

  • Performs complete recovery of various media files like pictures, music files and video files of different file types.
  • All media file types like .jpg, .png, .mpg, .mp4v, .mp3, .jpeg, etc can be restored back from SD cards.
  • Corrupt memory card data can be recovered with the aid of this software.
  • Recovers easily all the corrupt data from various brands of memory cards like Kingston SDXC, Transcend SD, SanDisk SDHC cards etc,
  • Can recover hard drive data from formatted and re-formatted storage devices.

The recovery program can be utilized with simple steps and can be used on any systems for the process of data recovery. The software is also available for demo purpose. To make use of demo software, download and install it on the system in which you will perform data recovery. Then follow the steps with given precautions and restore the lost data. Never download the program on the drive from which you have lost data. Because the memory space of the drive where the lost data was stored will be used to store the program files and thus the memory will be overwritten. If this happens you will have to lose the data permanently beyond recovery. Hence store it in different drive.