Outlook PST recovery software

MS Outlook is a universal email client because it is utilized by most of the people at their work for effective communication and maintaining important information. It not just manages the e-mail but also maintains your calendar events, meeting requests, appointments, tasks, contacts, etc. However a PST file size has its limitation on various versions of Outlook. Outlook 2000 has PST files in ANSI (American National Standard Institute) format and in ANSI format the PST file size is limited to 2GB. So in Outlook 2000, the PST file size cannot exceed the 2GB limit. If you are using Outlook and its size exceeded more than its limit, then the chances of your PST file corruption are more. It may leads to serious data loss situations. Then to repair Outlook PST files on various versions you can make use of powerful Outlook PST recovery software.

Following are the few reasons that may leads to PST file corruption:

  • Abnormal termination of Outlook: Since Outlook uses complex database file to keep everything, it needs to exit properly upon saving all data. Sometimes while accessing Outlook the system may suddenly turn off because of power failure or application crash. It will close the Outlook forcefully without saving any data which can results in some incorrect or incomplete information on PST file. This garbage data could lead to PST file corruption.
  • Over sized PST files: if PST file exceed its maximum size on any version of Outlook, it gets corrupted and Outlook will not open so that you cannot access any information from the Outlook.
  • Due to compact operation: Most of the people would like to compact their data to reduce the size. When you attempt to compress your PST file for portability, additionally, it can result in the corruption of PST file.
  • Impact of vacation applications: There are some improperly protected email servers which easily let the viruses or malware to go into through them. While accessing your emails, in case you come across such servers, you will find probability of your PST file getting infected from the virus. Once it’s infected, it is going to automatically slow up the operation of Outlook and can also get corrupt.

These are the important scenario where you will lose data from Outlook. Under these situations you may lose important information from your Outlook. Then you may think on how to recover Outlook calendar appointments, contacts, journal, to do lists or any other data, which you have lost due to PST file corruption. However, there is no need to worry because it is possible to repair corrupted PST file and get back all lost data from your Outlook. There are many third party tools like PST recovery software is available; using which you can recover Outlook data, irrespective of reasons. No matter the reason why you lost Outlook data, in case you face PST file corruption without backup, then using some PST repair utility is the only option left for you.

It’s also possible to repair PST file using built-in scanpst.exe tool, but it may not work well if the PST file is corrupted severely. Moreover, scanpst.exe is not able to handle severe corruptions. So it is advised to utilize good PST recover file software which really performs well to recover Outlook data. Using this tool you can repair your PST file without modifying a single character of your respective original PST file. It will scan your corrupted PST file, extract data from it and creates a fresh PST file that you can import to your Outlook profile. Repair Outlook PST is such utility that provides a powerful repair mechanism. It gives you two options to get a new level of scan and output based on the severity of your PST file corruption. You can even download free trial version of this software and evaluate Outlook PST recovery results.