The best tool to recover all your lost data from your external hard drives

Hard disk drive is a data storage device used to store data on your personal computer or laptop. It allows you to store retrieve and even delete the data. But there are many situations where these internal hard drives could easily get corrupted. Hence External drives can be used to store data as a backup copy. External hard disks store your valuable data and add some level safety. It is because external hard drives are located outside the computer and permit you to keep a backup copy of all your important files like email archives, photos, important documents and much more . An external drive could be unplugged after it’s used and kept in a secure location. Whenever you require data, you simply plug in to the system and all your data is available again. To connect these external drives just make use of a USB cable.
Loss of data situation may also occur in these external hard drives. Which can be as a result of any reasons? It’s the most unbearable situation whenever you lose data from these drives. Sometimes data might become inaccessible even due to excessive use of the drives! While moving your computer data from one PC to a different external drives play an important role in storing data as well as in data security. External drives wear out as a result of extensive use and make your data inaccessible. In these situations you could have lost access to your important data or to the drive itself. But, don’t panic it is possible to recover these inaccessible data simply by using a third party tool or software. I know one such good software that scans the whole drive and recovers all your data. It performs external hard drive data recovery so quickly that you can view your data in just a matter of minutes. The software that makes this recovery possible is External Hard drive Recovery Software.

  • There are lots of scenarios where you lose data from your external hard disk drives, they are:
  • Accidentally formatting or re-formatting the hard drive, without taking the backup of the data
  • Power surge or improper shutdown of the laptop or system during transfer of data may lead to loss of data from the external HDD
  • Improper partitioning or repartition of the drive also results in loss of data
  • Virus attack, bad sectors and system crash also can result in the external hard drive inaccessible or data will be lost

If you have faced any of these scenarios and lost your data then you can certainly make use of this software to recover your entire files from your hard disk drive. The key features of the software are:

  • Creates disk images to bypass the bad sectors and recover data
  • Recover deleted and lost data from accidentally formatted, reformatted, corrupt external hard drive
  • It enables you to save the recovered data on CDs or DVDs also
  • You can preview the recovered file, prior to actually restoring it
  • With the help of unique signature of the files it is able to identify several types of files which includes text, video, audio etc.
  • Able to recover data from different partitions like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, Ext Fat also

Because of these features this software can serve as the best data recovery tool to recover all of your data from your hard disk. To be able to test this software you can use the trail version of the software by clicking here. Then follow these simple steps:

  1. Install the software and connect the drive to your system
  2. Now launch the software, and choose “Recover drives / partition”
  3. Click on “Formatted / Re-formatted Recovery” option , choose the drive to be recovered
  4. Select the drive which is affected and needs to be recovered and press ”Next”, scanning process starts
  5. After scanning process is done, you can view the recovered files
  6. With the help of “Preview ” option you can view the files before selecting them for recovery
  7. If you are satisfied with the results, purchase the software and save the recovered files