Tool to Restore Deleted Pictures from Samsung Note 2

After reading this article you will realize that, it is very simple to recover deleted photos from Samsung Note 2. Deleted images can be easily recovered within two or three steps and you will see the magical power of photo recovery utilities.

It happened before few months. Many enchanting images of my last vacation trip, which I loved to be with me forever was accidentally deleted from my Samsung Note 2, while deleting some unwanted image files. I tried my best to recover the deleted image files and unfortunately proper back up of the image files was not maintained.

I came to realize that it is not a unique case and it is a very common problem faced by many Samsung Note 2 users.  Many charming image files are mainly lost from the Samsung Note 2 due to accidental deletion of the photos by the user. Unintentional pressing of delete button while previewing the captured images is a common reason for loss of picture files. Likewise accidental pressing of delete all option also result in loss of all image files from memory card. Even today many are ignorant on various reasons for loss of image files from Samsung Note 2 and various other smart phones.  Some of the main data loss scenarios are listed below.

  • Virus and many other malicious programs that affect Samsung Note 2 can be a main reason for loss of image files from the device. Sometimes these malicious programs might turn the pictures into short cuts after affecting them.
  • Resetting the Samsung Note 2 without proper back up of necessary images can result in deletion of these files.
  • Installing some unsecure applications in Samsung Note 2 can sometimes removes picture files from the device memory card without any intimation.

As soon as you notice loss of image files from Samsung Note 2, it is advisable to stop using the device for better recovery of the deleted files. It is possible to recover deleted photos from Samsung Note 2 with the help of most efficient utility called Samsung Photo Recovery. Image file of any formats like JPEG, JPG, TIFF, PNG, BMP etc can be easily recovered by this application with lesser efforts. The salient features of the application helps in limitless image recovery  and it shows the simplest way for deleted photo recovery from Samsung galaxy Note 2 and all other mobile phones, digital cameras etc.  Some of the features of the application are listed below.

  • The utility is able to recover deleted photos from Samsung Note 2 within short time Similarly it is able to restore deleted images from various smart phones, cameras and various other data storage devices with extreme ease.
  • It is able to retain permanently deleted pictures and image files lost due to various reasons mentioned above.
  • “Save Recovery Session” feature of the application helps the user to resume the scanning process from the particular location it was interrupted before, instead of scanning the entire device from the beginning. Thus it saves the user’s time while recovering image files.
  • It is also brilliant to recover image files from lost partitions or formatted partitions of the disk.
  • Built in special algorithm of the application helps in recovering all common audio, video and digital RAW photo files.
  • Application supports recovery of deleted photos from Samsung Note 2 from all versions of Windows OS like Windows 2008, 2003, XP, Vista etc