Software to Get Back Deleted Emails

OST is an acronym for Offline Storage Table. It is also a Microsoft Outlook file like PST Personal Storage Table (PST). Often you have been exposed to challenges complaining that you’ve got your Microsoft Outlook OST file corrupted. To cope with these types of problems Microsoft had provided some “inbuilt repairing tool” within Outlook. However, Offline Folders file (.ost) integrity check tool which has been accustomed to Scan OST was abolished when Microsoft Outlook 2010 pioneered. So if that’s the case what you will want to do if, anyhow you obtain issues with Outlook OST, for example, missing Outlook attributes, minor Mailbox synchronization issues or any corruption or harm to Offline Folders in Outlook 2010?

Practically you’ll carry out the same stuff that you have carried out always. You may erase the .ost file and definitely will rebuild Outlook completely from scratch at the time when you had re-established the connections on the Microsoft Exchange Server within the Microsoft Outlook user’s profile. Offline Folders (OST) is simply a local Outlook copy of Microsoft exchange mailbox. Scan OST was an alternative available before Outlook had launched and was utilized only on Offline Storage Table (.ost) extension files. It contributed to the server synchronization problems. However, you will find alternative tool available which may assist you in this situation. You can use it on your pc to get over the challenge of corruptions occurring on the Microsoft Outlook OST file.

You might get your ost files damaged or defected in instances when you’re offline. You essentially possess a backup of content on the server. Your .ost file, however, might hold significant content that you’ve not still synchronized together with the server and you would never like to drop. With the aid of this repair OST tool, you may still fix OST files and get back all your deleted emails available. It need no an Exchange mailbox.

It will check synchronization issues and definitely will repair all of the issues after checking them. You may also take advantage of this tool when you are having issues using the opening of your respective any Microsoft Outlook OST file. You can probably make use of the Inbox Repair tool to detect and correct errors within your .ost file. This Inbox Repair tool works extremely well on the .ost file and also Personal Folders file (.pst).

However, if in any case, you’re this inbox repair tool doesn’t work then you can certainly use our tool which guarantees the whole mending from the Microsoft Outlook OST file. You need to use this amicable application in this situation when you’re using Microsoft Outlook OST account and you also discover that your OST file isn’t synchronized using the Exchange mail address. This mighty application could also be used to deleted or missing outlook OST and PST attributes like emails, contacts, calendars, reports, meetings, etc on your Outlook account. It may work as a recovery tool to extract deleted emails from OST file also recovery tool for the recuperation of all additional factors of Microsoft Outlook Offline Storage Table (OST) account, for additional information about it you can you can go to this article.


Know How to Fix MS Outlook Errors

“As I am the regular users of Microsoft Outlook for writing and reading the emails within the organization from the past 2 years but today morning was I shocked by seeing unknown Outlook error 0x8004060c message. I was worried about how to fix outlook error 0x8004060c. After searching in many forums, blogs, websites etc finally I found the solution how to repair the Outlook error 0x80042108 by using the Fix PST File tool”.

Fix PST File is one of the most trusted and innovative repairing too which supports to fix any sort of Outlook errors within few minutes. It is free from malware and without affecting the source file it will fix the MS Outlook 0x8004060c error. This repair software supports to fix the Outlook errors that are created on different versions of Microsoft Outlook namely Outlook 2000, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2003.

Some of the major reasons for MS Outlook errors:

  • While accessing the Outlook PST files if the system or laptop gets shut down due to unique reasons like a power surge, unintentional closing of PST file, human error, improper shutdown of system ie directly pressed the power button, instead of following the proper shutdown procedure. This leads to encounter the Outlook error 0x8004060c and outlook error code 0x80042108.
  • Sometimes, Outlook error code will occur, during sending or receiving an email message on your MS Outlook application. When you try to synchronize OST file to PST file without enabling cache mode this will leads to encounter the Outlook error message.
  • Severe worms or malware is one of the most general factors that damaged the MS Outlook PST file to encounter the Outlook code 0x80042108 error. In order to overcome the harmful viruses install latest updated antivirus software on your PC.
  • The size of the Outlook PST file is fixed depending on the version of MS Outlook. If any PST file exceeds their maximum storage capacity limit, then these will leads to corruption of Outlook PST data file.

Apart from the above-mentioned reasons, there are other factors that will encounter the Outlook error message such as the use of unreliable recovery application, downloading error, freezing of Outlook program, updating error and so on. To get rid of all these Microsoft Outlook error messages make use Fix PST File software.

Eye-catching specifications of Fix PST File:

  1. The main feature of this repair tool is reliable and free from all kind of viruses, malware, worms, etc.
  2. It assists you to find the PST file if you forgot to remember the path of the Outlook PST file which stored in your laptop or computer.
  3. This repair software is compatible with fixing corrupted PST file on different hard drive interfaces namely SATA, IDE, ATA, SCSI, and PATA.
  4. You can save the repaired Outlook PST files on various data storage media like SD cards, Internal hard drive, USB hard drives, CD/DVD, MMC cards, and pen drives.
  5. With help of Fix PST File application, you can repair password protected and encrypted Outlook PST file.
  6. It supports to repair the Outlook PST file errors that are encounter due to use of third party tool, the presence of bad sectors, transfer error, software crash, virus attack, and improper closing.
  7. You can contact the support team available to serve you in 24/7 format.
  8. Prior storing the fixed PST files you can view the preview of those files.

Precautionary Steps:

  • Install latest antivirus tool on your laptop
  • Always follow proper procedure to close Outlook PST file.
  • Regularly maintain the backup of MS Outlook PST file.

Note: To know more about how to fix Outlook error visit the page.

Mac photo recovery tool

Your precious memories can be captured in digital cameras; recklessly Digital Cameras helps you to capture impressive moments. You might stock up your favored photos took from cameras or cell phones on Mac systems. Many photos are stored on Mac hard drive and stored photos may be really essential for you in isolation. Mac computers are additionally helpful exceptional to edit photos. They having an integrated option called “iPhoto” to maneuver photos stored on Mac hard drive. Hence you may usually prefer Mac computers to deal with digital cameras photos which are stored on Mac systems. Sometimes you may randomly come across with some situations such as your significant photos may be deleted/vanished from your system. You are now searching for a recovery program to acquire all lost/deleted photos to your Mac system. No need to take serious, all deleted/gone photos will be simply hidden. Hence our photo recovery program mac can direct you to recover the all missed photos from your hard drive or from any external storage Medias. Following collective causes can make photo removal from your Mac system.

Well-known issues which make photos to vanish from Mac system:-

  • Repeated changing of File System: – You might adapt the File System of your computer to make it run fast. During this process, there is a chance of losing files on the preceding File System due to some interruptions. If you do not have the backup of the significant photos stored, then you may lose them.
  • Unplanned Formatting: – Formatting is typically prepared to patent data stored on Mac systems to compose it unsullied. Sometimes unknowingly you could format the wrong volume and it may go ahead to lose crucial photos.
  • Journal corruption: – Journal corruption may turn out due to some hidden scenarios. Corrupted journal turns all stored photos unapproachable hence results in loss of data from Mac computers.
  • Emptying Trash: – In order to save the space, you may possibly clean the Trash. That time some of the necessary photos could also be deleted. Then, essential photos are also vanished along with useless files.
  • Accidental errors: – You may lose photos from external storage drives due to the sudden removal of memory card from the camera, abruptly disconnecting from the system or if any obstacle hits to relocating process. It may also make you lose photos from external storage Medias.

Photo recovery software is one of the most resourceful and stable resurgence tools. This photo recovery software has the potential to get back any type of files from Mac volumes resourcefully. It supports recuperation of different file’s type from atypical volumes. It does not alter any other unaffected files. It may be competent to reinstate all lost photos from Trash that are even by-passed. This recovery tool supports a recovery of different photo files like, PNG, BMP, PEG, JPG, TIFF, TIF, GIF, PSD, CR2, CRW, NEF, ARW, PEF, DNG, RAF, KDC, SR2, ORF, MRW, 3FR, RAW, X3F, K25. It can also be applied to recover photos of 300 file formats including RAW images. It productively pickups deleted JPEG files from USB flash drive, iPods, SD cards and mobile phones etc. It provides with “Preview” option to verify all recovered photos or any other Media files.  You can simply apply this software to all major type of memory cards, like SD, XD, MMC, CF, etc.

This software photo recovery tool endows with demo version to verify its recovery possessions. Simply download it then run. With demo version, you can convalesce all deleted photos. All recovered files will be existing to your sight. To accumulate recovered files pay for the absolute version of this software.


Method to restore folders on windows operating system

Losing one’s data due to deletion is one of the worst conditions of data loss because it is generally caused due to users own mistake, which leaves pc user to remorse upon his action for some days. Generally people have self-acclaimed belief that when any file or folder surpasses recycle bin it can never be recovered. But this is not an actual circumstance because whenever any file is erased from file system only the pointer to the stored data is wiped out. After deleting the pointer file system sends a message to the operating system that the previously allocated place can be awarded to any new file or folder. So any user may perform Windows recovery for such folders within a period of deletion and overwrite of data by use of Recover Windows.

Folders or files from windows hard drive may get erased due to a variety of reasons such as accidental deletion from the command prompt, partitioning error, emptying of recycle bin, Virus attack, application of shift delete command, file system corruption, etc. Virus attack is one of the prominent reasons for data loss from any hard disk. Virus transmits into computer due variety of reason such as coming in contact with infected external drive, e-mail or through the internet. Let’s have a real-time example of virus intrusion. Suppose you have portable hard drive using which you have recently collected a lot of movies. When such an infected hard drive was connected to your computer, some of the virus hopped inside your PC. When it was restarted later it couldn’t boot, so what has happened?? The virus which intruded into your system made whole of the hard drive corrupted, thus making any data inaccessible. In such situation, a question arises that is “How can I recover deleted folders?” This task can be easily achieved by use of Recover Windows which rigorously scans entire hard drive and recoups them within few minutes of its application.

Recover Windows has one of the best user interfaces that can be easily applied by any user whether he is novice or professional. This software meets the requirements of consumers who use a different version of windows operating the system such as Windows 10, 8, 7, XP and Vista. One of the other advantages of using this software is that it is compatible to be used on Fat file system as well as Ntfs file system i.e. data can be recovered from the hard disk of a system and an external drive. Files which gets misplaced from a stored location or it is hidden within hard disk can be restored by usage of this software. This tool has also the capability to recover files which are deleted from a command prompt.  Data lost due to damaged MBR can be retrieved by the implementation of this proficient application.

But data recovery can be achieved in an optimal way only if certain things are taken proper care before implementing Recovery Windows like avoiding format or reformat of drive, usage of drive from where data is to be restored should be minimized and downloading and installation of software should be done on other drives so that overwriting doesn’t occur. This tool is proficient in many other aspects which can be checked out by usage of a demo version of this tool.

Know How to Convert OST PST File in Few Simple Steps

how to convert OST PSTOST (offline storage table) is the database file Microsoft Outlook and it’s a cached data item of exchange mailbox on to the computer. It may be also simply called as a local copy of exchange mailbox, which enables to work in offline mode and store data in an offline line folder. Though, OST file provides to work in offline and synchronize the data on connecting to the internet. There are lots of possibilities that OST file may get corrupted, orphaned, damaged, and sometimes inaccessible. Also, many users have faced issues related to OST file, so to eradicate such issues and have access to MS Outlook data items of OST file. It’s much recommended to convert it into PST file.

Reason to convert OST into PST:

Suppose, while synchronizing the offline folder (.ost) file to exchange server. If any sort of error occurs during the process, then chances are there to corrupt the OST folder on the computer.Forcefully terminating the Outlook application may lead to corrupting the OST file in a computer as well as in exchange mailbox.OST file is nothing but a local copy of the exchange mailbox As if EDB (database of the exchange mailbox) gets corrupts or damaged. It may corrupt the whole OST data presented on the computer.Keeping a backup Outlook personal folder (.pst) might avoid all the above problems. However, Microsoft Outlook provides a manually feature to translate OST into PST.

How to convert OST PST manually?
Step-1: open the Microsoft Outlook application, and in “File” pull-down menu select “Import and Export” option.

Step-2: Now in “Import and Export” wizards chose “Export to a file” and then click “Next”.

Step-3: After the above step a dialog box will appear requesting for choosing the file type to save, then click file type as Personal Folder File (.pst) and select “Next”.

Step-4: Now select the attributes and also click the “Include Subfolders” option and proceed “Next”.

Step-5: In the pop-up screen, browse for the target folder and click “Finish”.

Thus, by following the above steps, you may be able to complete the manual OST to PST conversion process. Though, the process seems quite easy but, the manual procedures do not attest to be quite effective. Furthermore, they do not support retrieval of OST file in case of corruption issues. Sometimes, a manual method can also result in corruption/damage of the converted PST file or lead to inaccessible of MS Outlook application. Due to these limitations, Manual process is not much preferred, on such occasions, why not to use “how to convert OST PST” utility.

How this software helps you out?

By using this application, even novice user can also convert OST into PST effortlessly as this tool is a malware free, which will never lead to any corruption scenarios as that of manual Outlook conversation. This utility can be installed on various Windows operating systems like Windows-Vista, Windows-7, Windows-8.x and Windows 10. And it also supports Microsoft Exchange versions like 5.0, 5.5, 2000, 2010 etc.

How to Retrieve Hard Drive Partitions?

While trying to reformat your hard drive have you accidentally deleted the existing hard drive partition? During the process of partitioning your hard drive many times, it happens like by mistake you have lost your hard drive partition in which you have stored important files and folders. You never want to lose such important data at any cost. For that reason maybe you are searching for one best hard drive partition recovery tool for your Windows computer to recover the formatted hard drive. One software which will understand the value of the lost data performs the recovery with extra care is something impossible according to you.

Maybe you are feared about the drawbacks of the recovery tools. But with the Recover Formatted Partition software, all the fear will be gone. It is more powerful compared to other recovery software. Generally, we use the hard drive or the Windows FAT partition to store a large amount of data. And we often forget to keep back up for the stored data. So if you lose data from the FAT partition anyhow then FAT partition recovery is impossible. You may have thought to lose the files from the hard drive FAT partition after formatting means permanent data loss. But it’s not true with the use of recovery software. The formatted hard drive does not mean clear hard drive as the files is still there inside of the hard drive. Only the thing happens is the file addresses have been removed from the file system. So if you apply the Recover Formatted Partition software on the formatted hard drive it will easily restore the whole partition data from the hard drive.

Do you want to know how the hard drive partitions get formatted? Which responsible scenarios are there for data loss? Your answer is described here. With the use of Window Disk Management formatting or reformatting the hard drive partition causes data loss from the hard drive. If you are using low-quality tool and accidentally reformat your FAT 16 or Fat 32 partition then the whole hard drive partition data will be lost. For the data management on the hard drive, you often format the hard drive partition. Virus or Malware attack is another cause of hard drive data corruption. All these scenarios can’t be avoided but with the Recover Formatted Partition tool, you can overcome the problem of data loss from the hard drive partition.

FAT partition recovery is very simple and easy to perform with the formatted partition recovery software. It works in a fastest way any restore all lost data from the formatted hard drive. And one more thing, after completing the whole recovery process you can actually preview those files using the preview option. It recovers lost documents, photos, RAW images, archives, applications and so many file formats. To know-how, the software performs in extraordinary way download now the free trial version of the software without any delay. If you go through the software once then only you will be able to know its utilities. But while trying to save the recovered files first you need to purchase the software positively.

How to Recover Data from Digital Camera?

“Hello, friends! Last weekend I went to a national park with my cousin. We enjoyed watching different birds and wild animals. This was one of the awesome moments of my life. I captured many pictures of those birds and wild animals on my digital camera. When I was viewing those pictures on my digital camera due to low battery my camera got turned off. I charged the battery and switched on the digital camera, I found all my pictures are missing and I was frustrated a lot”.


Have you ever faced such problems? What are the reasons behind loss of data from the digital camera? Let’s see the reasons behind data loss from a digital camera:

  • If the digital camera gets abruptly turn off due to low battery while capturing or viewing photos, it may lead to loss of pictures.
  • Accidentally pressing format button while doing something on your digital camera will lead to deletion of all the photos and videos.
  • If you pull out the memory card of a digital camera from the computer without following recommended commands, then there are more chances of deleting files.
  • Interruption during file transfer process (cut and paste option) may cause data loss in a digital camera.
  • If you insert digital camera memory card into a computer and use delete button to delete files from memory card, then the deleted files will not get stored in Recycle Bin or Trash.

Now you got to know how data will get lost from a digital camera. If your data is lost due to above reasons, you need to use Digital Camera Data Recovery software. This software is reliable and it has an inbuilt algorithm which will recover lost data in few simple steps. A skilled person is not required to use this software and the common user can manage this software. This software can also recover photos and videos from different featured brands of digital cameras such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Sigma etc.

Features of Digital Camera Data Recovery:

This utility can recover data from a digital camera on all latest versions of MS Windows (Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008) and Mac OS X (Yosemite, Mavericks, Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard and Snow Leopard) operating system. It recovers data from hard drives (SCSI, SATA, IDE etc), flash memory cards (MMC, memory sticks, SD, XD etc), USB external drives, FireWire drives. It is capable of recovering deleted data of different file formats such as SR2, 3FR, MRW, RAW and X3F for both Windows and Mac operation system. This software has ‘find option’ that can locate files on the basis of name, size and file name. Data deleted using delete all button and formatting accidentally on a digital camera can be recovered by this software. It can recover pictures lost due to a corruption of file system of digital camera memory card.

Precautionary measures to avoid data loss from the digital camera:

  • Do not remove memory card abruptly during transferring of data.
  • Do not view/capture pictures when the digital camera battery is low.

Use copy and paste keys to transfer data from system to memory card or vice- versa.

Tool to Recover Deleted Files from Windows

Are you deleted important files on Windows OS using’ Delete’ option which, you never wanted to delete? You can retrieve such deleted files from Recycle bin folder. But suppose what you want to do, if such file isn’t present in the recycle bin due to unknowingly emptying of recycle bin? A lot of you may be thinking, that you have lost such files forever from a computer. Now, what next? How can you retrieve deleted windows files? It will be the really panicking situation for those who have forfeit important files but additionally, he/she haven’t stored just about any backup of these files. Nevertheless, you need not fret, about how do I recover files after deleting from recycle bin? Because still there is the opportunity to restore deleted files on Windows using Windows recovery software.

Consider a situation, where you have stored a great deal of music files within the Windows drive, while accessing such music files the computer switch off abruptly, because of shortage of power source. Again whenever you restart system and try to access these music files you arrive at understand that the drive in which you have stored music files is empty, not really a single music file present there. In such situation you could be worried and then try to search those files within the recycle bin, but you did not found there. Now you could be make an effort to search concerning how do I recover deleted audios from Windows system, but let you tell again Windows recovery software has capability to restore deleted audio files from Windows system. Like this there are lots of situation is available, due to which lot of people lose their data from Windows system in their day to day life. Some of those the situation are mentioned below,
1] The scenarios due to which data loss happens from Windows OS:

• Virus and malware are the most dangerous threats which affect on your system, as a consequence of this, you can’t access stored files from the system
• Accidentally formatting of the system drive that you have stored large amount of important documents instead of targeted drive, results in deletion of most stored documents from that drive.
• Every system hard disk drive is formatted of file system like FAT and NTFS which will help to hold data. If such file system corrupt as a result of this is clear that you’ll face loss of stored files from such hard disk drive.
• Many times people lose their data from windows system as a result of unintentionally use of “Shift+Delete” files.
• While partitioning or repartitioning with the system hard disk using third party tool, suppose if tool crashed suddenly, then because of interruption of the software you may face loss of files from that partition.
• Ignoring the error which is occurred while formatting or reformatting of the system hard disk drive results in the Server data loss from Windows system.
• Many times you might delete the files from external drive when it is connected to the system, convinced that deleted files will store in recycle bin but fact is, such deleted files from external drive bypass the recycle bin and you also face the loss of files.
• Corruption of master boot Record due to abrupt termination of system, fails to boot your system because of this you can’t access stored data from the windows partition.

2] Most important precautionary steps in order to avoid data loss:
• Keep updated antivirus in system.
• Always keep a backup of important files.
• Use good quality of uninterruptable power source (UPS).
• Don’t keep volatile data on system desktop.
• Never use untrustworthy sites for partition/repartition of hard disk.

3] Utilization of Windows recovery software is the easiest method to restore deleted files on Windows OS:
• Windows recovery software helps you to recover files from hard drives, memory card, USB drive, iPod, etc. on Windows OS.
• This software supports for the file system like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and NTFS5.
• Corrupted or damaged hard drive recovery may be possible using Windows recover file software.
• This software programs are developed using advanced algorithm which assists to recoup files even if Windows OS is re-installed.
• Windows recover file software really helps to recover audio file, video file, photos, MS Word files, and over 300 file types on the basis of unique signature.
• This software programs are compatible with virtually all latest versions of Windows like XP/Vista/7/8/10.

If you want to apply for windows recovery software then download its free demo version and check out for deleted recover file before purchasing this software. Windows recover file software program is easy to use and easy to recoup deleted, lost or inaccessible files on Windows OS.

Accomplishing the task of recovery using PST file recovery tool

MS Outlook the small application that accompanies with the package of Microsoft office. It certainly is among the famous and most popular email client tool to handle the data. It has countless customers. The functionality of the Outlook allows it to be popular among different age of people. A user uses if for various purpose like to keep mailbox items (inbox, sent, drafts, trash etc), Calendars, Task, Notes, To-do-List etc. Regardless of the information, it saves all the data in PST file. The data of separate made profile is also collected within the same PST file.

Deletion of PST file is simply the one good reason that makes the Outlook cease working that too without your information. Aside from this, you may also face the corruption that often happens to be faced by the user. In the below pointed out a paragraph, you will get all of the descriptions of corruption recovery from the software. Nonetheless, you do not need to fret really, as you have the choice of recovery. Outlook PST recovery software can repair files for you personally and can do recovery easily of various attributes. To recover Outlook 2010 contacts is the very soft process and can be achieved while using the software.

When you get another form of the program you can certainly repair the corrupted PST files of various form of Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010. Reasons are in numbers that may corrupt your PST and often because of this you can also lose your attributes. Possess a glimpse on the explanation for the Outlook PST file deletion (somewhere the reason for corruption). Virus attack that’s the common factor that is faced by the user. You will get a virus either from detachable storage products or through access to the internet. Apart from this if you close your Outlook or terminate it incorrectly like using the task manager, abrupt closing using cross button then also your PST file may get corrupted and the results would be the just like before.

The pointed out situations can perform both the thing i.e. the corruption of PST file and the deletion of files too. Therefore, to be able to eliminate the two issues you should use the tool. The pointed out software can repair the files and after that, you can recover all of the attributes from this. Compatibility of the software programs is better as it props up form of OS like Home windows 7, XP, Vista, Windows 8.x, and all versions of Mac OSX.

If you wish to choose the program then your recommendation will be perfect for the demo version. User after while using demo version can decide whether to choose the program fuller version or otherwise. Probably the most required software link is here. You can test the demo form of it that is without a doubt you’ll be eager to choose the larger version because the software programs are competent to get attributes recovered in a few minutes.

Ideas to fix Outlook inbox error in Microsoft Outlook

An Effective Data Recovery Software for Windows 10

Microsoft Outlook is really a personal data manager that is utilized by organizations, educational institutions or personal purpose. One can easily configure their Microsoft Outlook to Microsoft Exchange server for the better email conversation. Besides emails, Outlook may also be used for other data attributes like contacts, appointments, notes, journals, calendar events, task manager etc.

Although Outlook has all these advanced features, there are some situations where the Outlook PST file might get corrupt. Whenever the PST file is corrupted, the Outlook will not likely work properly plus it suggests you to use Scanpst.exe tool to repair the PST file. This inbox repair tool obtained through Outlook is beneficial to fix Outlook PST file. Though the Scanpst.exe tool may fail if you have a serious damage in the PST file.

In such situations, you have to take advantage of professional PST repair tool, to correct Outlook inbox error. This software scans broken PST file from various versions of MS Outlook. It may extract emails and other features of Outlook from the damaged PST file and creates a whole new healthy PST file. So, by using this industry recommended tool, one can easily fix Outlook error 0x8004116 or another issue of Outlook.

More often the virus attack on your system causes PST file corruption. These viruses may enter into your system during emails “send/receive” process. Additionally, sharing PST file over network and disturbance during compressing PST file could also bring about PST file damage. One more common reason which results in PST file corruption is exceeding PST file size limit. By way of example, if the PST file reached to 2 GB or more, from the Microsoft Outlook 2000, you will find there’s the possibility of PST file corruption.

Anyway, in order to fix PST file in Microsoft Outlook, the better option is making use of Outlook PST repair tool. It was created by skilled professionals especially to correct damaged PST file if the inbox repair tool isn’t working. It has capability to repair damaged PST file on different versions of Outlook like Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007. 2010, 2013 and 2016. It is simple to repair most of the PST files which can not be repaired using inbox repair tool supplied with Outlook. It facilitates to preview repaired items using Outlook style browser view. This software could also be used to repair a PST file which might be protected by setting password. Thus the professional PST repair tool comes with a capacity to recover e-mail, contacts, calendar events, notes, journals, tasks etc. When you have doubt about this software, first download trial form of it and evaluate recovery results. If you have delighted by the trial version, save the recovered Outlook items by buying complete sort of this software.