Best HDD File Recovery Software

I lost a unique file while formatting a drive. Is there any software to recover user defined HDD files?


I just formatted my hard drive due to virus problems. Is there a way to recover a particular file?


My antivirus program accidentally deleted some of my important media files.Is there any easy way to recover it?


HDD file recovery has become a usual thing in this corporate world. Recovering and restoring a hard disk data is not a complex thing but it depends on the file format and the way it’s been deleted.There is the difference between using shift delete, deleting using command prompt and the deletion done by antivirus programs. There is the difference in file formats also program files, media files and user-defined files.A hard disk data can be any of these or a group. Good HDD File recovery software must be capable of restoring all the above-mentioned file formats


 What are the worst case scenarios in HDD file deletion?


Consider that you are using an evaluated version of an antivirus program, you try to access a file which is a user-defined one and by mistake the antivirus deletes all the files with that particular extension. Now there occurs a situation for the need of data recovery software.Another one of the major scenarios is recovering a lost partition in your desktop or a mobile one. The data loss in partition occurs while people trying to reinstall the OS, extending, resizing and shrinking of hard drives.There is some software which does not guarantee your HDD safety.


In that case what should be my next choice? And what are the objectives of it?


Go for reputed recovery software which can recover data’s from almost all the above-mentioned scenarios. As we know that while deleting a file it is just moved or hidden from the user sights. Only the index pointing to that data will be realigned so that the user can’t view data further. The recovery software will try to reconstruct the index and pointers with the help of an efficient algorithm. Good HDD file recovery software must be able to perform in-depth, quick searching and retrieving of the data’s and it should be capable of restoring all formats of data even from the portioned or lost partitioned or hard drives with controversial file systems such as FAT, NTFS, exFAT, HFS+ and HFSx.


What will be your suggestion in choosing?


I would rather go with a paid full version of good recovery software with all the above-mentioned features. The reason for choosing this is.The product features match the industrial standards. It also provides an additional feature of storing and restoring the session for future use.


Am I able to recover data are from unbootable hard drives too?


Yes, It is possible to recover data files from non-bootable drives too.It provides an additional option where the user can search, recover and save a user-defined file format.It also provides a  selected recovery of data files to the user.


I don’t have a technical background with computers …


No worries it’s just a tool to recover HDD files, not space rocket. just go through the steps here.


  • Ø Download and install the demo version of it from here
  • Ø Select the way of deletion either lost or deleted
  • Ø Select the volume to be scanned and choose the file .preview option is also available
  • Ø Save the file different drive or volume


Things to be noted:

  • Ø Never install the tool in the same volume from where the files are deleted or lost
  • Ø Turn off the UAC in control panel for windows while installing
  • Ø The pro edition is recommended because the basic and media edition cannot provide all the availabilities.