Best HDD File Recovery Software

I lost a unique file while formatting a drive. Is there any software to recover user defined HDD files?


I just formatted my hard drive due to virus problems. Is there a way to recover a particular file?


My antivirus program accidentally deleted some of my important media files.Is there any easy way to recover it?


HDD file recovery has become a usual thing in this corporate world. Recovering and restoring a hard disk data is not a complex thing but it depends on the file format and the way it’s been deleted.There is the difference between using shift delete, deleting using command prompt and the deletion done by antivirus programs. There is the difference in file formats also program files, media files and user-defined files.A hard disk data can be any of these or a group. Good HDD File recovery software must be capable of restoring all the above-mentioned file formats


 What are the worst case scenarios in HDD file deletion?


Consider that you are using an evaluated version of an antivirus program, you try to access a file which is a user-defined one and by mistake the antivirus deletes all the files with that particular extension. Now there occurs a situation for the need of data recovery software.Another one of the major scenarios is recovering a lost partition in your desktop or a mobile one. The data loss in partition occurs while people trying to reinstall the OS, extending, resizing and shrinking of hard drives.There is some software which does not guarantee your HDD safety.


In that case what should be my next choice? And what are the objectives of it?


Go for reputed recovery software which can recover data’s from almost all the above-mentioned scenarios. As we know that while deleting a file it is just moved or hidden from the user sights. Only the index pointing to that data will be realigned so that the user can’t view data further. The recovery software will try to reconstruct the index and pointers with the help of an efficient algorithm. Good HDD file recovery software must be able to perform in-depth, quick searching and retrieving of the data’s and it should be capable of restoring all formats of data even from the portioned or lost partitioned or hard drives with controversial file systems such as FAT, NTFS, exFAT, HFS+ and HFSx.


What will be your suggestion in choosing?


I would rather go with a paid full version of good recovery software with all the above-mentioned features. The reason for choosing this is.The product features match the industrial standards. It also provides an additional feature of storing and restoring the session for future use.


Am I able to recover data are from unbootable hard drives too?


Yes, It is possible to recover data files from non-bootable drives too.It provides an additional option where the user can search, recover and save a user-defined file format.It also provides a  selected recovery of data files to the user.


I don’t have a technical background with computers …


No worries it’s just a tool to recover HDD files, not space rocket. just go through the steps here.


  • Ø Download and install the demo version of it from here
  • Ø Select the way of deletion either lost or deleted
  • Ø Select the volume to be scanned and choose the file .preview option is also available
  • Ø Save the file different drive or volume


Things to be noted:

  • Ø Never install the tool in the same volume from where the files are deleted or lost
  • Ø Turn off the UAC in control panel for windows while installing
  • Ø The pro edition is recommended because the basic and media edition cannot provide all the availabilities.

Solution to Failed Hard Drive Recovery

The hard drive is a magnetized storage area where all the data are stored. A hard drive is also called as a hard disk drive; it is an essential part of computers. The drive is the main storage area of PC, the user which has installed the operating system, as well as other data like software, audios, photos, text document, videos, and more that are saved in the system, are found in a hard drive.

The storage capacity of these hard drives is large because of this it holds the huge number of data. There are different hard drive interface that is used for passing files between a hard drive and a system such as SATA, PATA, IDE, and SCSI. Sometimes, due to delicate nature of hard drive make it susceptible to fail the hard disk and thus data stored in that might be inaccessible to the user. Then, with the aid of Failed Hard drive Recovery Software user can get back their important files and folders from the hard disk.

How hard drive failure occurs?

Hard drive physically damaged: If the hard drive has come in contact with water or its getting overheated or electric shock are all serious threats to the hard drive. These issues can cause significant physical damage to the hard disk internal parts. If any shock in hard drive occurs it may physically impact and damage the mechanical components of hard drives.

Failure of hard drives logically: The logical failure mainly happens due to any damage to the file structure of hard drive or software has a problem. There are various factors that cause the hard disk to fail logically such as human errors, an intrusion of viruses and malware and corrupted or damaged data because of this system fails to boot up. This kind of issues on the hard drive can be fixed and the user can perform failed hard drive recovery process successfully.

Roughly handled hard drive: Suppose, the hard drive is handled roughly or there is a scratch on magnetic platters of hard drive leads to an error in reading and writing process. If the platters get scratched then the data stored in that drive cannot be recovered.

Benefits of using this utility:

This software is the most reliable and trustworthy third party tool available in the market, which can bring back data from a failed hard drive. With the help of Failed Hard Drive Recovery application, a user can restore after a failure of different hard drive manufacturers like Seagate, Toshiba, Western Digital, Hitachi, SanDisk, etc. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac based system and their various versions operating the system.

It is built with a powerful search algorithm that enables to scan and retrieve all the data which are inaccessible from the hard drive. By using this tool user can view the restored file using the preview button.

How to Retrieve Hard Drive Partitions?

While trying to reformat your hard drive have you accidentally deleted the existing hard drive partition? During the process of partitioning your hard drive many times, it happens like by mistake you have lost your hard drive partition in which you have stored important files and folders. You never want to lose such important data at any cost. For that reason maybe you are searching for one best hard drive partition recovery tool for your Windows computer to recover the formatted hard drive. One software which will understand the value of the lost data performs the recovery with extra care is something impossible according to you.

Maybe you are feared about the drawbacks of the recovery tools. But with the Recover Formatted Partition software, all the fear will be gone. It is more powerful compared to other recovery software. Generally, we use the hard drive or the Windows FAT partition to store a large amount of data. And we often forget to keep back up for the stored data. So if you lose data from the FAT partition anyhow then FAT partition recovery is impossible. You may have thought to lose the files from the hard drive FAT partition after formatting means permanent data loss. But it’s not true with the use of recovery software. The formatted hard drive does not mean clear hard drive as the files is still there inside of the hard drive. Only the thing happens is the file addresses have been removed from the file system. So if you apply the Recover Formatted Partition software on the formatted hard drive it will easily restore the whole partition data from the hard drive.

Do you want to know how the hard drive partitions get formatted? Which responsible scenarios are there for data loss? Your answer is described here. With the use of Window Disk Management formatting or reformatting the hard drive partition causes data loss from the hard drive. If you are using low-quality tool and accidentally reformat your FAT 16 or Fat 32 partition then the whole hard drive partition data will be lost. For the data management on the hard drive, you often format the hard drive partition. Virus or Malware attack is another cause of hard drive data corruption. All these scenarios can’t be avoided but with the Recover Formatted Partition tool, you can overcome the problem of data loss from the hard drive partition.

FAT partition recovery is very simple and easy to perform with the formatted partition recovery software. It works in a fastest way any restore all lost data from the formatted hard drive. And one more thing, after completing the whole recovery process you can actually preview those files using the preview option. It recovers lost documents, photos, RAW images, archives, applications and so many file formats. To know-how, the software performs in extraordinary way download now the free trial version of the software without any delay. If you go through the software once then only you will be able to know its utilities. But while trying to save the recovered files first you need to purchase the software positively.

How to Recover Crashed External Hard Drive Data?

Now-a-days most of the people are using an external hard drive to store their useful information like images, video clips, text files, applications, documents, excel files, programs, presentations and other business data. External HDD is small in size and portable storage device that can be connected to a computer through a USB port. It has high storage capacity to hold data and is often used to back up data from computers or laptop. It is used as plug & play for transfer of data from one device to other. These external drives can be manufactured by various brands such as Seagate, Toshiba, Western Digital, SanDisk, and many others available in market.

However, it is facilitating people to save large amount of data, but it does not ensure the security and safety of data. It means people can lose your data even from an external HDD due to any known or unknown causes at any instance. Hard drive crash is one of the most common reasons behind data loss. Once the external hard disk drive gets crashed, all the data saved on it become inaccessible. After facing such issue, people want to recover crashed external hard drive data at any cost. So to overcome such circumstances, people need an advanced third party app like External Hard Drive File Recovery application and easily get back all their data just by following few simple instructions easily.

Most Common Causes of External Hard Drive Crashed:

  • Plugging out external hard disk drive connected to PC or Laptop without using Safe Remove Hardware method might lead to its corruption.
  • While moving data from external hard drive to the system, if that system is infected with dangerous viruses or malware programs, then it may cause corruption to the external hard drive.
  • File system that is associated with the external hard drive can be damaged because of several reasons such as error in file system conversion, setting unsupported file system, etc. can cause to drive crash.
  • External hard drive failed, presence of a large number of bad sectors on the drive, abrupt system termination while data transferring process is going on, scanning external drive by using an unreliable third party app can also be a reason behind drive crashed.

Advanced Features of External Hard Drive File Recovery Software:

  • It provides interactive and very easy to use interface by which a non-technical user even can easily recover crashed external hard drive data with minimum technical knowledge.
  • External Hard Drive File Recovery utility supports data recovery from corrupted, formatted, reformatted, crashed as well as damaged external hard drive on popular versions of Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X laptops and desktops.
  • It has built with an advanced scanning algorithm which helps people to recover crashed external hard drive data without any other difficulty.
  • People can also preview their recovered data files before saving them to other storage device easily.
  • With the help of this easy to use program, people can recover various types of data files from external hard drive such as video clips, mp3 music, pictures, text data files and many others easily.

Recovering Data from Bad Hard Drive made Easier

You may think that the bad hard drive is of no use and cannot restore valuable data back from it. It’s wrong, technology advancements make everything possible. Restoring data from a bad hard drive is also possible with the use of a software called Remo Recover. The tool is specialized in restoring data from all kinds of hard disk drives even if it is corrupted or damaged. It can be able to retrieve data from bad sectors of the drive without taking much time. So, just continue reading to understand how to restore data from bad hard drive.

Here are the steps which you need to follow to restore data from bad hard drive. You can also watch this video guiding the data recovery from bad hard drive.

Download Remo Recover application from its website or from the link displayed in the above video. Start the installation process once the download is complete. After installation is finished, you can open the tool and try recovering data from hard disk drives. Before moving to recovery section, connect your bad hard drive to the computer in which you have installed Remo Recover software. The tool’s interface is built for novice users thus anyone with no technical skills can benefit using it. From the first step to the completion of recovery process, the tool’s wizard itself will guide you to restore data from it. The FAQ section will clear all the doubts of the user thus they can proceed with the restoring process.

Benefits of using Remo Recover Tool to Restore Data

By using this software, you will be entitled to the following benefits.

  • Users can view the preview freely without paying a penny as it clearly indicates the reliability of the tool. It is trusted for recovery of data even from bad sectors of hard disk drives.
  • You will be able to recover more than 300 types of file extensions by using this tool. This includes file extensions of videos, audio, documents, music, pictures, compressed archives, etc.
  • Able to use easily and effectively without consuming RAM memory and finishes faster. It works on some unique algorithms which make the process of reading hard drives faster and recovers data from it.
  • Functions on all types of hard disk brands such as Seagate, Transcend, Western Digital, Maxtor, etc. It functions irrespective of the brand names.
  • Able to retrieve data from almost all physical disk drives such as USB drives, SD cards, SSD drives, etc.

Factors that makes the Hard Drive Bad

  • Hard drives might fail because of the presence of too many bad sectors in the drive. Formatting it multiple times or installing multiple OS in the same drive may cause this problem.
  • Improper removal of hard drive multiple times may affect the performance of the hard drive and if you keep doing this, it may become bad and resists to store or access data.
  • Corruption of hard drive due to the infection of critical viruses can make it function poorly thus affecting it.
  • Power or voltage fluctuation can affect the hard drive performance. Overheating may also affect it.
  • Frequent usage of hard drives in too many devices can cause the bad functioning of the hard disk.

Under all such scenarios, you will find Remo Recover to be entirely useful to restore the lost or deleted data back.

Easiest Way to Retrieve Lost Files from Laptop hard drive

Recently have your laptop stopped working and your important stored files have got deleted from the device immediately? With the file deletion of loss problem you may have learnt a good lesson that drawbacks of data loss and advantages of keeping back up data. Because as whenever files get deleted from the laptop hard disk, you do not have any back up files. So it is simply impossible to restore your files just immediately after they get deleted or lost. But some surprises are waiting for you that can be like lost data restoration. For the same purpose if you will consult with any technicians, they may ask so much cost but when users performs the lost file recovery procedure at their own, it costs very less.

As compare to other computer hard drives, laptop hard drives are more sensitive and prone to data loss problem. In many ways your laptop hard disk data may get damaged or lost. Immediately after data loss over laptop hard drive, try to restore lost files from your previously saved back up. As in case when you don’t have back up just stop there and stop using the laptop drive again. The simplest approach of getting back lost files is to scan the hard drive thoroughly in case file contents are not overwritten. While scanning the drive, recovery software will successfully recognize all lost details which don’t have the file location address. Only without definite file addresses data are considered as the lost data. So in case when you lose data if you continue using the drive, data which are not complete removed after data deletion or drive format will be deleted permanently.

Here is a video attached which explains how to execute the lost file recovery with most simple approach.

How Files get Lost from Laptop Hard drive?

Now you may be curious to know the reasons which cause data loss issues for you.

MBR Corruption: Laptop hard drive Master Boot Record corruption is a kind of problem which can takes place because of harmful virus attack. Simply MBR corruption is always behind huge data loss problems.

Bad Sectors: The small defective parts of laptop hard disk which could not be working properly due to severe virus attack, inappropriate usage, file system corruption and so on. This faulty part of hard drive increases the trouble to access the file.

Accidental File Deletion: In order to achieve more disk space you may delete some unnecessary files by selecting them. In such a place you may choose some essential files and erase them using Windows delete option Shift +Delete key combination.

Formatting Hard Drive: For resolving format error of laptop hard drive/partition, you may format hard drive intentionally. This commonly happens due to hard drive damage which results in file loss from drive thoroughly.

Some Unique Features of Laptop Disk Recovery Tool:

The best utility of ever, Laptop Disk Recovery software is designed in such way to support lost date recovery from laptop hard drive without any issues. In all kind of data loss scenarios, users need to depend upon the same tool to get lost data back successfully. Whether it is your lost files or deleted data, any file type data can be recovered. All file formats that are up to 300 file types are supported under this utility. Once you launch the software, you are just few clicks away to experience a different outcome of lost file recovery.

The way to recover lost files from hard disk

Hard disks are the non-volatile devices, stores information in machine language that is certainly available as 0’s and 1’s. These are of paperback book size. Computer drives are also termed as hard disk, fixed disk or filed drive etc. Typically the most popular computer drives are manufactured by companies like Seagate, Western Digital, Hitachi, and the like. The best hard drives are IDE (Integrated Development Environment) drives, are also known as PATA drives. And also other varieties of hard disks are SATA, SCSI, and SSD etc. Hard disks provide great deal of storage to hold personal data and data regarding to modern corporate environment, etc.

Generally hard drives susceptible to failures occasionally this leads to permanent or temporary data lose. More often hard drive failure do not leads to permanents lose before the data will get over written in hard drive. In business and operation environments data lose contributes to critical situations because business contains customer database, financial data, etc. Data lose occurs while upgrading latest versions of software by interruptions like power surge, blue screen dumping etc. makes hard drive inaccessible, accidentally pressing format option leads to data lose in drive etc. To get over these scenarios you might have efficient utility. This utility recovers lost files from hard drive, which is Hard Drive Recovery software.

Other data lose scenarios in hard drive:

• During installing dual OS, partition may corrupt due to interruption like power surge causes partition removal or format results in data lose held in that partition.
• If you employ external devices which can be infected by virus or malware then you’ve got to format hard disk tend to deletion or lose of files.
• Deletion or removal of existing partition occurs while resizing or replacing free space on the list of partitions, results into loses of data from drive.
• While converting partition from dynamic to basic you could possibly lose files held in it.

To conquer previously referred to scenarios you will need to install proper anti-virus software, maintain updated backup for the hard disk and partitions and keep external power source while upgrading latest versions of softwares and Operating-system. Read instructions carefully while installing dual OS.
Hard disk Recovery software recovers lost files from hard drive. In addition, it recovers data from RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5, and in addition it has capacity to create disk images in order to avoid bad sectors on hard disk drive while recover data from that. This software recovers data from hard disks, partitions having file systems like FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT, NTFS, and NTFS5 etc. It supports hard disks like IDE, SATA, SCSI and SSD etc. This utility works irrespective of all Operating System like Windows 98, Windows 7, Windows and Windows 7, Windows 8 etc.

There is a choice to work with demo form of this software too. In case you assure you’ll be able to recover data, then you can own this software. Demo version scans the complete hard drive in matter of minutes, recovers deleted or lost files and provides preview of the recovered files. Make use of licensed version to restore back the previewed files.

How to recover data from formatted hard drives

Formatting is a process of erasing all the contents from the computer’s or any of your storage devices’ memory. It can be performed in any situation and on any device utilized to keep data. You can format your device in two ways they are full format and quick format. Full format will scan the hard drive over completely from scratch; rebuild all of its file structures. On the other hand, Quick format will just blank FAT and directory table without checking for bad sectors. Whenever you format a drive you need to be careful and should have taken the backup of the data stored on the device. After formatting you can use this data to restore back your data.

In a few instances formatting becomes mandatory; it’s not a hazardous task until and unless you have a backup of your data. The problem arises only when you don’t have this backup, because this leads to permanent loss of data from your hard disk. Consider a situation that you are trying to open a file but because of some errors you will not be able to open it. In order to open this file you will be asked to format the drive, you will not even permitted to take the backup. In this situation you are forced to format the hard drive. To be on safer side you choose to do Quick format. After formatting is done, you will be worried on how to recover my hard drive after quick format. However you don’t need to worry, as there is recovery software that will recover your entire lost and formatted data from your hard disk drive. This software can recover your entire data just in couple of minutes. The software is formatted data Recovery software.

This is not the only situation in which you format your drive there are numerous situations like this in places you format your drive. The most popular reasons are:

  • Accidentally selecting a wrong dive or partitioning and format it for which there is no backup, while partitioning and formatting the drive
  • Unknowingly choosing the “format” option rather than selecting “scan for viruses” option on any drive
  • Forcefully formatting the drive due to some errors while trying to access data or document
  • File system corruption due to virus / malware/ spyware attack also leads to formatting the drive
  • Reinstalling the Operating system also results in formatting the hard drive

In the above situations if you don’t have the backup, there are chances of losing data. In such cases, I’m able to undoubtedly say that this software is capable of doing my hard drive recovery to recover data lost in any of the above situations. Following are the key features of this software that made me confident about it:

  • Disk Cloning feature helps in data recovery from hard drives with bad sectors as well as in quick recovery of deleted files
  • Able to recover and also identify different file formats according to their unique file signatures
  • Easily recovers complete data from formatted, re-formatted, repartitioned and crashed hard drives from both Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Supports recovery of data even from corrupted file systems
  • It also bypasses bad sectors by creating disk image files and recover files from different types of memory cards, iPods, USB drives, FireWire drives, etc.

These are a few of the features of this software. In order to check the ability of this software you can download the free trial version of the software first. If you’re pleased with the outcomes you can purchase the software. Once you download the software, follow these steps:

  1. Install it on your desktop or laptop and Run the software
  2. Select the “Recover Partition / Drive ” option from the main screen and then select “Formatted Recovery” option in the next window
  3. Select the drive for recovery and press “Next”
  4. Scanning process starts, once it completes, save the session then you can easily see all your recovers files
  5. Can even view each files using the “Preview” option to evaluate the chances of recovery
  6. Now, purchase the software and save the recovered files

Ways to recover data from hard drive

In today’s world there is a great demand for data storage. Hard disks are the main and largest data storage devices which are utilized for storing and retrieving digital information from nonvolatile memory inside a computer. As per the demand many such varieties of Hard disk drives are manufactured which gives various kinds of interfaces like SATA, IDE,SCSI and much more by different brands. Thus if you find the necessity of storage device external hard disks are used widely because they are reliable and portable.

These external hard disk drives are similar to hard drive of your computer which will help the users to differentiate and stores files by creating multiple partitions. In this digital era, regular users of laptops or computer keep them updated with various technologies. The information stored contains photos, music, games, educational material and a lot of other personal information and if it’s employed for business purposes, it could contain business-related data like customer details, records of inventory and sales along with other information related daily activities of business.

Whenever a need comes to save more and more data related to any purpose a person always choose to purchase extra storage devices like external hard drives, Storage device, USB flash cards, Fire Wire drives, iPods etc. The majority of the devices are portable which makes you capable to carry them wherever you go. Corruption of these portable devices is very common reason wherein they can get physically or logically damaged which leads to data loss as you depend on these units and think that the stored data on these drives is save. The safety of data depends on lifetime of the operating system utilized in your drives.

Consider yourself in a scenario in which you did documentary on life of your best friend’s with pictures and videos which you wish to surprise her by presenting on her birthday. You want to keep this personal so that if in case your friend will access you come to know about your surprise. So you decided to purchase an external hard drive. Now-a-days there are many such drives available in the market. After getting the drive you transferred your entire data into the external hard drives. But accidentally you dropped the hard drive, which made scratches on your drive, where some part of data was lost and making the portable drive not working. Whenever you connect you portable drive to computer using USB port you weren’t able to access the files. This is the worst moment in your life and you are wonder to recover your lost data at any cost.

Don’t worry!!! Just chill, your deleted data can be easily recovered using some from the file recovery software which is now available online and the majority of the software’s get their demo version which helps the end users to check the performance of the software before they use. So that you can use drive recovery software which lets you recover data from hard disk.

However, there are other data loss situations which you may face when you are working on hard disk.

Common data loss scenarios:

File System Corruption: Corruption may occur due to improper shutdown of the computer because of power fluctuations while data transfer process is going on which might lead to data loss on hard drive.

Malicious spyware: When the drive is infected with virus, then there are chances of data getting damaged and does not allow the access the file.

Bad sectors: Due to bad sectors, the files that are fragmented may loss the data partially which corrupts the data.

Third party application: Using 3rd party Application for partitioning without knowledge leads to loss of data.

• Human errors: Accidently or intentionally formatting the partition of the hard drive may cause data loss. For example: when attempting to format E: drive user may select C: drive. Also the data is lost due to accidental conversion of partition from dynamic to basic.

Software errors: Errors generated during conversion of file systems may corrupt the data and also lead to data loss.

The hard drives may get overheated because of the absence of sufficient ventilation techniques. The information can also be lost due to virus attack to your hard drive and power failure. Stop making use of your external hard drive immediately when you realize that you’ve lost your valuable data from it due to any of the mentioned reasons. Because adding or saving further data can lead to overwriting of deleted data space with new file content. If deleted data space gets overwritten by new data, it is not easy to recover deleted data back from hard disk by utilizing any software.

There are many data recovery application which helps you to recover data from hard drive. But you have to get the best software to make your recovery simple and easy and fast. Thus you can use hard disk recovery software which helps you to restore your lost data out of your hard drive or any other storage devices which bypass Windows recycle bin easily.

This software enables you to recover your lost media files like pictures, movies, videos etc. and offers all necessary data recovery modules, which lets you retrieve your lost data easily. This tool allows you to restore deleted, lost or corrupted partition from different models of external HDD after FAT table corruption. This software gives you the fastest recovery of information from lost/missing partitions, formatted, reformatted partitions and re-partitioned drives. The software also helps you to recover data from hard drive having bad sectors by creating disk images. The installation procedure of the tool can be simply completed in few simple steps.

When you select the disk recovery software, first obtain the trial form of the application online and do the installation on the hard drive of your computer. Select the appropriate options in the screen and check the performance from the disk recover software once the process of recovery is completed. If you’re pleased with the outcomes using trial version, later you can buy its full version.