Cyber Tip From The Multi-State Sharing and Analysis Center (MS-ISAC)

In the present environment and with the advanced technology hacking is most common and easy. So we need to be careful and cautioned about the hacking and make sure that your account is safe from the hackers.

MSISAClogoLet us study some of the cyber tip from Multi-State Sharing and Analysis Center to avoid hacking of our data.

Mobile device should be secure:

Mostly the mobile users will leave their mobile devices in the public places without locking the mobile. If you keep your device open in front of anyone then he may access your data easily. Other thing you need to do is you should have updated software in your devices because the hackers many be knowing the tracking tricks in the older versions.

So if you update them he can’t be able to access you information. Along with this you need to have a strong password in your device and should avoid the similar and most commonly used passwords.

Be careful while using cloud services:

In the current market there are many providers of cloud services and you should not blindly trust any of the cloud service, because there are many different policies in each and every service. First of all look at the required needs of your storage that is at what extent you need security.

Next you should see the contract in which Service Level Agreements and End User license Agreements are most important all these agreements should be suitable and effective to you.

Stay safe on social networking sites:

We mostly use social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. But the main source of hacking that is targeted by the hackers is social sites. In which your personal information should be displayed to other people.

Here you need to make sure that before visiting websites your computer is protected, never feel that you are in a safe and trusted environment, only provide the required personal details on these sites, do not share all the information to the one whom you do conversation, after using these sites make sure that you will sign out the account without fail.

Virtual Reality: Things People Probably Do not Know

oracusVirtual reality sounds like science romance for most of us, but the plaudits futurist and discoverer Ray Kurzweil has considered it more to the hold of our telephones than a spooky, the new technology. The telephone is virtual reality in which people can meet with someone as if they are together, at least in the auditory sense. All of the sudden, virtual reality seems a lot little mystic.

It is very difficult to guess all of the use cases for rising technologies, and Virtual reality is not different. But the technology is speedily decent a major focusing for companies in the technical sector, and many think that we will all be using Virtual reality some time in upcoming time.

Most of the people do not want to pay much for virtual reality. About 60% of United States internet users say that they can pay about $400 or less for a virtual reality headset system. But a number of people want only to spend between $200 and $400, depending upon the Standard Research.

Most of the people know that Facebook biramous over $2 billion to purchase the now famous Virtual reality company that is Oculus. But the rest of Silicon Valley is acquiring in on the action, too. More than $765 million has been invested with virtual reality start ups in last five years, excluding acquiring.

VR may be the perfect program for gaming, but people are more curious in watching Virtual reality movies. Approximate 39% of Internet users say that they want to see the movies in VR, followed by 38% user who want to play Virtual reality games.

Companies are already developing VR social. Oculus has a social application which allows up to four users to watch the same Twitch or Vimeo videos collectively in virtual room. People choose an avatar to correspond them and can talk to each other active the video in real time, through their headset.

The Virtual reality market is continuously growing. Gross from Virtual reality software and hardware sales are awaited to spike from just $90 million in the year 2014 to $5.8 billion in the year 2018. Headset sales lonely are awaited to account for $3.9 billion within two years from now, and there will be 171 million active Virtual reality users by that time, according to survey.

Know About Remote Access

Software solutions such as remote access have made you do more than just retrieve files and is life saving. To the host PC these solutions works by sending input from your keyboard and mouse and an image of its screen will be sent back. It is same as you sitting in front of your primary system virtually. The applications that are not there on the client machine can also be let by this.

remote-access-reviewThere are two best remote access examples today one is LogMeIn Pro that costs $149 per year and other is GoToMyPC which costs $10 per month and that is for one user in a single computer. For limited time both the LogMeIn and GoToMyPC are free so that you can check the working of them.

The working of these two remote access solutions is almost the same. Go to the vendor’s website and with your username and password do sign up and download a host module which you install on home office PC. After doing this, any device can be used with a Web browser such as iOS, Mac OS X, Android and Windows clients from where an internet connection is available to sign in at the website and computer accessibility can be seen.

You will be prompted to download and install an ActiveX or viewer control when you connect for the first time. On the client computer, it display the host PC’s screen; by default a black screen in GoToMyPC will turn off desktop wallpaper to reduce lag.

A tabbed dialog box and pull down menus are offered by GoToMyPC for the system options that are ranging from sound quality to printer selection. A top-of-screen toolbar is available in the LogMeIn Pro including laser pointer tools and whiteboard for circling and underlining items on the screen.

A side by side File Manager view is provided by both LogMeIn Pro and GoToMyPC for transferring folders and files between systems. A shared clipboard is also provided by each remote access solution so that on the host you can select some text and paste it into a document of the client. Multiple monitors’ hosts are also well supported by both.

Cablevision ISP and 802.11n Wi-Fi connection can be snappy performed by both programs surprisingly. It is found that GoToMyPC is bit friendlier to use where as LogMeIn Pro’s toolbar and menu are bit smoother.

Frequently Asked Questions About Oculus Rift

There are lots of people who may not know as much regarding the Oculus Rift, why people are so eager for it, or even if they should take the fall on VR yet. Below are some of the questions you may sometime afraid to ask.333333

What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality’s current form uses images projected on a screen with reference to 5 inches from a wearer’s face to demonstrate them a new experience. Using lenses and stereoscopic 3D, the brain can be tricked into sense like what it is seeing is really real.

What’s the Oculus Rift?

The Oculus Rift is a headset initially created by Palmer Luckey which gives users a sense of being in another place.

What’s in the box?

It comes with Oculus headset, headphones and a microphone. There is also a sensor, a foot and half-foot tall device, Xbox One controller and an Oculus Remote control. The box also has the USB and HDMI cables which connect to the PC.oculus-in-case111111

Why did the cost jump so much from improvement kits to the full thing?

The new development kit was sold for $300 and the 2nd generation jumped in price by only $50 which included camera too. They were also low resolution than the original Oculus Rift which didn’t include the OLED display.

How much would I have to spend to actually use it?

It includes Windows 7 PC, graphics card like Nvidia GTX 970 or AMD R9 290, 3 USB 3.0 ports, HDMI ports and 8 GB of RAM which cost you around $1100.

Does it make you sick?

Virtual reality used to have a standing for making people feel disgusted. This came from a mixture of the shakiness of the old hardware and the lower superiority of experiences available as people figured out how to make virtual reality at ease. When Virtual Reality’s simulation stutters or cannot keep up with a quick turn of the head, you are more probable to get sick.

How do I control my hands?

The Oculus Rift comes with Xbox One controller and a miniature remote intended for non-gaming experiences.

So, if I could meet the expense of it, should I buy the Oculus Rift?

If you are very invested in VR (virtual reality) have a PC which can run it and are excited about being near the beginning adopter. Virtual reality is going to take a even as to catch on, so you may not need to buy in now.

Learn How to Backup and Restore the Windows Registry

Windows Registry can be changed at any time and all the articles you write will tell you to keep up the backup first. Let us study about how to make this happen and it is not as simple as you think. Like any other file you can’t backup and Restore the registry and it is obvious that it can’t be modified by hands. Also file itself can’t be copied or replaced at least not while running Windows and full backup of registry cannot be restored from an export file either.

imagesWhat is the Registry? 

It is a hierarchical database that contains all the settings and configurations that are used by services, components, applications and everything in Windows.  There are two basic concepts of registry, one is keys and other is Values. Basically objects such as folders are called as registry Keys and it looks like folders in the interface. Whereas Values are bit like the files in the folders and that contains all actual settings.

Restoring Sections and Backing up of the Windows Registry:

You need to know how to backup and restore sections of the registry and the sessions that might be editing.  Obviously the process is quite simple and it will work well in all times. The sections of the registry can be backed up that all deal with application settings. All the applications will not store their settings in the registry.

For those that store the settings, you just need to save settings to backup file using this technique.  In order to backup the section of the registry, you just need to right click on the key on the left hand pane and you should choose Export from the Menu and then need to save the file with a name that you can recognize easily. Mostly it is saved as HKCR star.reg. After doing this, you can go ahead and change whatever you need to do.

Now let’s study about how to restore the backup; it is quite simple, double click on the icon and choose it to restore the information in to the registry.  This technique is same to registry anything you like to backup. But you cannot use the same technique in order to restore the entire registry. Deleting the whole registry will lead to break of things

EMET A Valuable Tool for PC Protection

Computer is a device where you store a lot of important personal and professional data. There will some sensitive data which you don’t wish to share that data with anyone. Unfortunately there are many hackers around us and they may miss use your data. But one thing to consider is even most of the people doesn’t know how to protect the sensitive data. Also your PC may get attacked by the virus and there are many ways by which the virus may enter into the PC. One is when you copy any file from a virus the virus infected devices and other is when you download the file from virus infected websites. Virus is also very dangerous to loss or corruption of files.        Let us learn about how to protect PC data or information.

emet-iconIn order to avoid the association of virus to the computer, there is antivirus software that will avoid the entering of the virus. You need to select the reliable software, because unfortunately there are many ineffective tools that may cause loss or deletion of important files. Also you need to regularly update the antivirus software in order to protect the PC effectively. One basic thing you may know is, responding to suspicious emails or clicking to the emails of that offers fake things, is dangerous to your PC.

To make difficult for malicious hackers and cybercriminals that get in to your computer, there is an advanced tool that complements your existing defenses. Let us discuss about the functions of this tools. If you are well versed with the computer tasks, simply download Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET) which is available for free. It is available some versions of Windows OS such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. The working of EMET is by taking advantage of security technology that already exist on your PC, but may not be used for all the programs. EMET will manage in protecting your computer from undiscovered or new treats until they can be addressed through formal security updates.

14 security mitigations is included in EMET that complement other defense in-depth security measures, such as antivirus software and Windows Defender. EMET installs with default protection profiles, which are XML files that contain preconfigured settings for third-party applications and common Microsoft.

Simple Step to Remove Virus Manually

How to manually find and remove a virus?

For every computer users of all over world, it is very important to have some knowledge regarding system viruses or other malicious programs. Once any of these viruses get into the user system then it might infect and cause destruction of the PC. Malwares are categorized into different types of infection and very little number of users is aware of it.

how to manually find and remove a virusMalware is nothing but a programming code that is developed for the use of harming the system. It copies and multiplies itself and infects computers. Hence, malwares are computer viruses, Trojan horses, hijackers, worms, spywares and certain kind of adware. These viruses can capable of spreading in the form of executable code format from one system to another. The most common way from which virus may get insert to the user’s PC is with the help of pen drives or USB drives.

Most virus detection programs failed to find them. In some cases, it might detect but in the most cases it unable to find viruses like New Folder.exe and delete the file. So, in our post I am going to utilize command prompt for removing destructive programs that antivirus is incapable of erasing it. User can check this out for more information on how to manually find and remove a virus from the system. I will not go into specific details on any particular infection program but rather provide information about how these infected files can be deleted. Below are the steps:

Step 1: First go to start button and then type cmd command on the search programs and files to run the Windows command prompt.

Step 2: In this step, user need choose the drive location which is infected by the virus and then drive letter and colon (D :). For example, C: drive, D: drive, E: drive, etc.

Step 3: After selecting appropriate drive, type attrib –s –h *.* /s /d and then hit enter.

Step 4: On this screen, type dir command and press enter key. The dir command displays user all the content of the drive.

Step 5: Check for an unusual .exe executable file that is, if there is an autorun.inf file then rename it with new file name. For example, rename autorun.inf abc.

Step 6: By following above steps, user can access the drive and then click on my computer icon. Select the drive and erase the harmful files. User can also delete those files by using command prompt and type del filename.