Application to rescue deleted Office Files

Windows Computers facilitates with Word, Excel and PowerPoint files to maintain all your information associated with your business, personal or official data. Using these Office files you can maintain all information and they may contain years of information which is too important for you. Simply imagine that what is going to happen with you suppose you lose those files. If you are one of them who have lost such precious files and struggling to regain them, then you will get here an excellent solution to bring back all deleted of lost Office files effortlessly. The software professionals have designed Office File Restoration app to rescue the deleted files from permanent loss and recover each and every deleted Office files. This tool is user friendly and is efficient to get back such deleted files. Then make out how this tool helps you under below discussed universal Office file loss situations.

Universal and commonly facing data loss situations: –

  • Accidental deletion of files: – Microsoft Office Files may be lost accidentally by human mistakes. Assume that you try to delete the unwanted files, but while selecting the files you may select the entire folder which bear many precious files yet, but in hurry you might press the delete button and all files will be lost in second. It may also happen that while formatting the drive you could format the unselected drive which might have contained your important files, thus it could be the reason behind your data loss situation.
  • Corruption of Office files: – Most commonly the MS Office files prone to corruption due to several reasons like virus attack, improper usage of the files, or sudden power failure while functioning could cause the corruption. After the files are corrupted surely you could be incapable to access the files. Thus, you might be the data loser.
  • Hard drive issues may cause data loss: – Some of the storage device issues like, logical errors existing on your hard disk or bad RAM may arise some corruptions on Office files which may turn out to be inaccessible.

Thus, due to above mentioned reasons; you could be the MS Office file loser. No need to be anxious, This MS Office file recovery application helps you to get back all deleted or lost or inaccessible files. This tool is capable of recovering the Office files like Excel, Word documents, PowerPoint files and Access files. The reason may be anything for your file deletion, this tool works pretty fine to restore the lost Office files on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

This software supports Excel file recovery on all Windows OS having the file format .xlsx and XML files. This app is too smart with to perform any Office File recovery which are created on Office 2007. This tool provides the user manual to follow the recovery process for successful recovery. So, it simply focuses on the MS Office Files rather than the file format, created version.

Thus, it assists you in recovering Office 2007 files and all files which you need to retain will be selected based on your interest after scanning the drive. In order to evaluate its recovery results you can go for the trial version of this tool, otherwise you can directly pay for the complete version of this software.