Know How to Convert OST PST File in Few Simple Steps

how to convert OST PSTOST (offline storage table) is the database file Microsoft Outlook and it’s a cached data item of exchange mailbox on to the computer. It may be also simply called as a local copy of exchange mailbox, which enables to work in offline mode and store data in an offline line folder. Though, OST file provides to work in offline and synchronize the data on connecting to the internet. There are lots of possibilities that OST file may get corrupted, orphaned, damaged, and sometimes inaccessible. Also, many users have faced issues related to OST file, so to eradicate such issues and have access to MS Outlook data items of OST file. It’s much recommended to convert it into PST file.

Reason to convert OST into PST:

Suppose, while synchronizing the offline folder (.ost) file to exchange server. If any sort of error occurs during the process, then chances are there to corrupt the OST folder on the computer.Forcefully terminating the Outlook application may lead to corrupting the OST file in a computer as well as in exchange mailbox.OST file is nothing but a local copy of the exchange mailbox As if EDB (database of the exchange mailbox) gets corrupts or damaged. It may corrupt the whole OST data presented on the computer.Keeping a backup Outlook personal folder (.pst) might avoid all the above problems. However, Microsoft Outlook provides a manually feature to translate OST into PST.

How to convert OST PST manually?
Step-1: open the Microsoft Outlook application, and in “File” pull-down menu select “Import and Export” option.

Step-2: Now in “Import and Export” wizards chose “Export to a file” and then click “Next”.

Step-3: After the above step a dialog box will appear requesting for choosing the file type to save, then click file type as Personal Folder File (.pst) and select “Next”.

Step-4: Now select the attributes and also click the “Include Subfolders” option and proceed “Next”.

Step-5: In the pop-up screen, browse for the target folder and click “Finish”.

Thus, by following the above steps, you may be able to complete the manual OST to PST conversion process. Though, the process seems quite easy but, the manual procedures do not attest to be quite effective. Furthermore, they do not support retrieval of OST file in case of corruption issues. Sometimes, a manual method can also result in corruption/damage of the converted PST file or lead to inaccessible of MS Outlook application. Due to these limitations, Manual process is not much preferred, on such occasions, why not to use “how to convert OST PST” utility.

How this software helps you out?

By using this application, even novice user can also convert OST into PST effortlessly as this tool is a malware free, which will never lead to any corruption scenarios as that of manual Outlook conversation. This utility can be installed on various Windows operating systems like Windows-Vista, Windows-7, Windows-8.x and Windows 10. And it also supports Microsoft Exchange versions like 5.0, 5.5, 2000, 2010 etc.

Reliable Conversion Tool to Convert OST 2 PST File in Outlook

Does your OST file corrupted or damaged often? Are you feed up in repairing the corrupted OST file regularly?  Then, convert your (offline storage table) into PST (personal storage table) using this reliable tool named by “OST to PST file converter”. Why you need this particular reliable software to convert OST 2 PST in Outlook? Why not simply any tool? Why not the manual conversion process in Microsoft Outlook itself? If you have such quires, then the answers for above queries are present beneath this article.

Not every tool translates OST into PST perfectly. Cause, OST is a single complex file which consists of all MS Outlook achievers like email, contacts, journals, scheduled appointments, calendar events, tasks, RSS feeds, notes etc. however, if you choose any unreliable tool, there are chances that your converted PST file might miss out any one of your Outlook attributes or worst cases you may also land in corrupting the entire OST file / converted PST file / even making MS Outlook itself inaccessible. So, it’s better to avoid such issues by using a reliable application. Also you may face same issues by manually converting OST in to PST on Microsoft Outlook. So, if you’re very much concern about Outlook data then it’s much recommended to use a trustworthy Utility.

Some of the reasons for Microsoft Outlook.ost file corruption:

1) Synchronization errors: Since, OST file is an offline storage folder and it automatically synchronizes its data on connecting with Microsoft Exchange Server. Suppose, while synchronizing if any kind of error occurs in the application. Then, there are lots of possibilities for your OST file to get corrupt.

2) Improper methods of Outlook application termination: Sometimes, while working on MS Outlook program you may forcefully close the application by sudden shutdown of the computer, End the task on task manager, etc. might lead in corrupting your OST file.

3) OST file header corruption: Header of your OST, houses all the relative information’s of file like data of creation, name, and size so on. If the header get corrupted due to bad sectors. Then Microsoft Outlook application doesn’t opens properly and your Outlook.ost file may get corrupt.

4) Other causes to convert OST into PST: Your OST file may also get corrupt due to database corruption, Exchange Server severely infected because of malware, MS Exchanger Server crash due to hardware failure etc. might put you in situation where you will have no option except converting into a Outlook.pst file

Reliable features of “OST to PST file converter” utility:

This tool was developed by a group of IT experts, such that not even a single user should face any issues while / after translating OST into PST. It is a most trusted reliable application, preferred and mainly used by industrial experts as well as most of individual users. Offline Storage Table to Personal Storage Table converter is 100% result oriented program and will not let you in any corruption / damaged scenarios while / after conversion, since it’s a bug / malware free tool. This utility is capable of converting OST 2 PST on various versions of MS Outlook such as 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. By using this application you can convert encrypted OST, damaged or healthy OST, password protected OST into to a healthy PST file. Outllook.ost to Outlook.pst convertor is supported on different versions of Windows OS like Windows-XP, Windows-Vista, Windows-7, Windows-8 so on.

How to Convert Outlook OST File to PST File?

An OST stand for Offline Storage Table i.e. used to receive and send the email message in offline mode. Whenever it connects to the server, it checks for the changes made in the OST files and update those changes in OST files by synchronizing with the server. Sometimes due to software and network issues Outlook OST files may get corrupted. Hence, in order to repair these corrupted OST files you need to know how to convert OST PST file. For performing this conversion a sophisticated and reliable Outlook email file conversion tool is required, otherwise it may damage further.

How to Convert OST PST software is one of the most reliable tools that can easily convert Microsoft Outlook OST files into PST files without damaging it further and conversion it makes these PST files in readable format. While performing the conversion it also restores the other Outlook elements like contacts, schedules, calendars, appointments, and reports etc. on Windows operating system platforms. Convert OST to PST software is a powerful Outlook file conversion tool that can covert OST file objects into PST file and it also allow to convert the Outlook file elements like emails, notes, schedules, journals, calendars etc.

Some scenarios where you need to convert OST file to PST are as follows:

  1. Whenever you want to use your Microsoft Outlook emails on any other Windows operating system platforms, then you need to convert this OST file into PST file.
  2. While updating the version of Microsoft Outlook application, you need to transfer stored OST files into other Outlook application and also need to convert OST to PST files.
  3. While repairing the corrupted OST files you need to convert the OST file into PST files.
  4. Whenever the stored Microsoft Outlook OST file gets infected by virus and malware threats, then you need to convert these OST files into PST files in order to repair these infected files and need to make these files more readable.

Unique Features of How to Convert OST PST software:

  1. Apart from conversion, this tool can also restore other Outlook files like email messages, folders, calendars, schedules, notes and form feed etc.
  2. This tool not only tells how to convert OST PST file and it also allows to perform this conversion on following Microsoft Outlook versions like Microsoft Outlook 2000, Microsoft 2003, Microsoft 2007 and Microsoft 2010 etc.
  3. It is also possible to convert password protected as well as encrypted OST files with the help of this Outlook file conversion tool.
  4. You can easily use this Outlook file conversion tool on both 32-bit and 64- bit operating system platforms of following Windows operating system platforms like Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7,Windows 003 and 2008 server etc.
  5. By using this OST to PST conversion tool, conversion of oversized OST files is also possible.
  6. This tool is also compatible with following Microsoft exchange OST files like 5.0, 5.5, 2003, 2007 and 2010 etc.

How to Convert OST File into PST File?

The increase in number of internet users is quite evident these days and users associated with any organization are well aware of Microsoft Outlook. Outlook is considered to be one among the most essential application that plays a huge part in business organizations. Most of the users prefer to use Outlook for communicating with others mainly due to its efficiency to work even in the absence of network connection. The offline data is stored inside Offline Storage Table called as OST file, this facility wouldn’t be available if there was no Microsoft Exchange Server.

The offline mode allows the users to access their mails, create new emails, reply to it, add contacts, set reminders and various other tasks. Most of the users will find it difficult to get always connected with internet when they are travelling due to network issues. And whenever they get connected with internet the Outlook profile will change from offline to online mode by converting OST to PST, which is called as synchronization. So by this way your Outlook profile will get synchronized by collaborating with Microsoft Exchange Server. But there may be times when the Microsoft Exchange Server fails to synchronize the Outlook data due to various reasons. This can turn out to be major setback for Outlook users, as they largely depend on Outlook to complete their tasks. In these situations, you might require an aid from a reliable Outlook OST to PST converting tool, so that you can gain access to Outlook profile back again. Let us get to know the situations where you might require the services of this OST to PST converting tool

Situations where you will have to convert OST file to PST file:

  • Suppose, if you want to access the Outlook profile on your newly purchased system or another system. In these situations you will have to move the OST file into that system and use an OST to PST converting tool to convert OST file into PST file.
  • In order to move the Exchange Server information in the Outlook, user will have to perform OST to PST file conversion.
  • In case, if the OST file created by the Exchange Server is unable to synchronize due to reasons like system crash or corruption situation which denies the user to access the Outlook profile.
  • Harmful viruses that is affected in your system will impact the Outlook OST file adversely as it damages the Outlook OST file making the Outlook profile inaccessible.

If you are finding it difficult on how to deal in these situations then Converting OST to PST tool will come in handy for you. This OST to PST converting tool has the potential to resolve such issues and helps you in regaining access to Outlook profile by converting OST file to PST file. It is one of the most recommended OST to PST converting tool that allows user to regain access to Outlook attributes that went inaccessible due to several reasons.

OST to PST file converting software

Converting OST to PST is a professional OST to PST converter which is designed for the purpose of converting OST file to PST file. It helps the users to regain access to emails, calendar items, contacts, RSS feeds, notes, sent items, etc. which went inaccessible due to situations like OST file corruption, crash or damage. Converting OST to PST is a read-only tool i.e. the original source file is kept intact, no further modification will be done to it unlike the inbuilt utilities of Outlook. This OST to PST converting tool will create a new file after reading the source OST file. With the help of this OST to PST converter you can easily convert encrypted OST file on all versions of Windows operating systems. It also supports OST to PST file conversion on Outlook versions like Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, Outlook, 2000, etc.