Ideas to fix Outlook inbox error in Microsoft Outlook

An Effective Data Recovery Software for Windows 10

Microsoft Outlook is really a personal data manager that is utilized by organizations, educational institutions or personal purpose. One can easily configure their Microsoft Outlook to Microsoft Exchange server for the better email conversation. Besides emails, Outlook may also be used for other data attributes like contacts, appointments, notes, journals, calendar events, task manager etc.

Although Outlook has all these advanced features, there are some situations where the Outlook PST file might get corrupt. Whenever the PST file is corrupted, the Outlook will not likely work properly plus it suggests you to use Scanpst.exe tool to repair the PST file. This inbox repair tool obtained through Outlook is beneficial to fix Outlook PST file. Though the Scanpst.exe tool may fail if you have a serious damage in the PST file.

In such situations, you have to take advantage of professional PST repair tool, to correct Outlook inbox error. This software scans broken PST file from various versions of MS Outlook. It may extract emails and other features of Outlook from the damaged PST file and creates a whole new healthy PST file. So, by using this industry recommended tool, one can easily fix Outlook error 0x8004116 or another issue of Outlook.

More often the virus attack on your system causes PST file corruption. These viruses may enter into your system during emails “send/receive” process. Additionally, sharing PST file over network and disturbance during compressing PST file could also bring about PST file damage. One more common reason which results in PST file corruption is exceeding PST file size limit. By way of example, if the PST file reached to 2 GB or more, from the Microsoft Outlook 2000, you will find there’s the possibility of PST file corruption.

Anyway, in order to fix PST file in Microsoft Outlook, the better option is making use of Outlook PST repair tool. It was created by skilled professionals especially to correct damaged PST file if the inbox repair tool isn’t working. It has capability to repair damaged PST file on different versions of Outlook like Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007. 2010, 2013 and 2016. It is simple to repair most of the PST files which can not be repaired using inbox repair tool supplied with Outlook. It facilitates to preview repaired items using Outlook style browser view. This software could also be used to repair a PST file which might be protected by setting password. Thus the professional PST repair tool comes with a capacity to recover e-mail, contacts, calendar events, notes, journals, tasks etc. When you have doubt about this software, first download trial form of it and evaluate recovery results. If you have delighted by the trial version, save the recovered Outlook items by buying complete sort of this software.

How to Recover Deleted E-Mail from Outlook 2007?

Have you ever unintentionally deleted any vital email from Outlook and emptied Deleted Items folder? Then there is a solution to recover email from Outlook 2007 in few simple steps.

This article provides you information on

What to do after deletion of emails from Outlook 2007?

Quick way to recover Outlook 2007 emails

Why Email Recovery Software?

Important tips

Deleting unwanted or old emails is a good thing and this even helps in managing the mailbox size. But, if you accidentally delete vital emails from your Outlook inbox then don’t get panic, first check those emails in Deleted Items Folder or Outlook. If the emails are still, there then you can restore them by pressing Restore option or by dragging them back to the PST file. But if you emptied the Deleted Items Folder once you deleted the emails from Outlook then in such case, you need to use any third party software to restore deleted emails from the Outlook 2007.

Quick way to restore deleted Outlook 2007 emails

If you are looking for Outlook recovery tool to restore deleted emails from Outlook 2007 then you are at the right place. Yes, you can perform email recovery Outlook 2007 with the assistance of Email Recovery software which helps in recovering permanently deleted emails keeping all its attributes like CC, To, Subject, attachments, etc. undamaged.

Why Email Recovery Software?

This software is a non-damaging tool which works in read-only mode as it recovers deleted or lost emails without altering or modifying the original file. It comes with a simple user-friendly interface which guides you on how to perform email recovery Outlook 2007 within few minutes. Along with emails, it also recovers deleted or lost contacts, meetings, tasks, notes, RSS Feeds, calendars, journals, etc. In addition, with this, this utility helps you in identifying PST file location and performs repairing process. It software repairs highly encrypted or password protected PST file easily. The software is also capable of repairing oversized PST file. It recovers emails and other Outlook attributes on all major versions of Outlook such as 2016, 2013, 2010, 2003, etc. Software works on all major versions of Windows operating system such as Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc. You can download the demo version of the utility to check the capability of the software and then purchase the full version of the software to save the recovered Outlook emails.

Important note:

  1. Don’t close MS Outlook app abruptly.
  2. Check twice, before emptying Deleted Items folder.
  3. Avoid sharing of PST files, which may cause corruption of PST file.
  4. Use good antivirus program to avoid data loss due to virus attack.

Reasons behind deletion or loss of emails from Outlook:

  1. Accidental deletion of emails
  2. Sharing PST file over network
  3. Due to oversized PST files
  4. Improper terminating of Outlook
  5. PST file corruption due to antivirus scanning
  6. PST file header corruption
  7. Upgrading Outlook to newer version
  8. Error during compacting PST files

Usefulness of Excellent PST File Recovery Software

When for the first time any Outlook users suffer through their important data deletion it is usually considered as great data loss issue. In some definite instance when users select to delete few of their unwanted Outlook files and mistakenly they select to delete few other saved files over there Outlook account. This is a very common scenario of data loss through which almost every users go through in their lifetime. But there are very few people who know about the issues of their lost PST file recovery. When you simply go through PST file loss, if you want, you can try to restore your PST files without any difficulties. It can be done simply using any best quality PST recovery utility. In the scenarios when users are suffering from the issues of essential data deletion on Outlook account and trying to get back access to their lost files then they must try out PST file recovery utility.

Once you will use this PST recovery software, you will definitely come to know about the effectiveness of this utility. When any files you delete it will be saved on recently deleted items folder on MS Outlook account. It stays there for some time. Within that limited time span if you try to retrieve those files back then its ok. Otherwise you need to appoint file recovery utility on your system. While looking for the best kind of PST file recovery software, a lot of options you may get. But not all of them are trustworthy to its user. As compare to this email recovery software, other utilities are still here which are doubtful to work with great excellence. There are many more features of any PST data recovery software which assures its users great excellence of PST file recovery. But when result comes, it seems that the restored file is not present on its location as it should be.

Recovery of any single Outlook email or any other attributes of PST files is simply executable with Outlook PST Recovery software. When users go through the Outlook PST email data loss issues the very first data loss issue users suffer most of the time is data loss due to virus attack related issues. Requirement of lost PST file recovery you will realize when you will suffer from all your important data loss. Sometime these virus attack related problems results in PST file header corruption problem. In most of the cases, oversized PST files are responsible for important data loss from Outlook PST files. MS Outlook up gradation is the other fact, responsible for data loss. With updated Outlook application, files stored on the account won’t get updated. So it continues with file loss issues over Outlook account. Deleting items on Outlook account by selecting shift + delete key is another scenario you may have faced before. But still all of these scenarios can’t cause permanent loss of important Outlook files.

Its very simple to get your deleted files back with the mentioned file recovery software. It’s useful graphical user interface allows user to fix the issues when the Scanpst.exe tool is not able to restore your lost files over PST file. For further details go through this link, This software restores emails on Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010 with all of its uniqueness of lost data recovery. This safe file recovery software is some kind of extra effectiveness so that no other saved files on that same Outlook account wont get effected and users will simply bring back their lost PST data.

The Very Best Outlook Recovery Software

MS Outlook is developed by most popular Microsoft Company. It really is referred being an email client and useful for communication to send emails and receive emails. Along with emails you can store other Outlook items like, contact list, notes, personal information, calendar entries, journals etc. These problems information including emails is utilized to keep in one common file and that is referred to as a PST (Personal Storage Table) file. Suppose should you lost all such stored data from the Outlook PST file because of its damage then what you will really do to recover Outlook PST file data? Many of you could get frustrated or confuse and try to recover damaged Outlook file by using its inbuilt function like scanpst.exe. But bear in mind, in case there is severe harm to PST file you need to repair Outlook PST file through the use of third party tool like, Outlook PST recovery software. Many helps to repair damaged /corrupted PST file helping to revive all lost and deleted data as a result.

There are some reasons mentioned below which means that your PST file may get damaged and you also must recover Outlook PST file.

Oversized PST file: MS Outlook application will come in different versions like Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. All of these versions are distinguished by their storage capacity and further features. Outlook 2000 stores 2GB data in its PST file, Outlook 2003 and 2007 stores 20GB and Outlook 2010 stores 50GB data in the PST file. In the event the PST file exceeds this storage capacity in that case your Outlook PST may get corrupted leading to inaccessibility of Outlook attributes.
Failure of Upgradation process: Lots of you’d rather upgrade Outlook application because after upgrading Outlook you’ll get more capabilities e.g. increased PST file storage capacity. But while upgrading Outlook application from old version to the new edition this upgradation process fails due to interruption with the result that your PST file could get corrupted.
Sharing OF PST file over network: In the event you share same PST file over LAN/WAN network, your PST file get damaged due to failure of network connection while accessing PST file.

These are the three major reasons with the result that your PST file can get damaged and face data loss. There are some more reasons like, virus or malware attack on PST file, while accessing PST file abrupt system turnoff etc may also affect to break of PST file. So to avoid such kind of data loss problems it is possible to keep to the following steps,

• Don’t work on multiple emails simultaneously.
• Keep a updated, strong antivirus in system.
• Close the Outlook application before switching off system
• Keep a backup of PST file.

Therefore, if you wish to recover Outlook PST file data you’ll be able to utilize the best Outlook recovery software. Many really helps to recover Outlook data from damaged Outlook file very easily and efficiently. Outlook recovery software program is available in free demo version that you can download in your system and check out for file recovery from damaged PST file.


Outlook PST recovery software

MS Outlook is a universal email client because it is utilized by most of the people at their work for effective communication and maintaining important information. It not just manages the e-mail but also maintains your calendar events, meeting requests, appointments, tasks, contacts, etc. However a PST file size has its limitation on various versions of Outlook. Outlook 2000 has PST files in ANSI (American National Standard Institute) format and in ANSI format the PST file size is limited to 2GB. So in Outlook 2000, the PST file size cannot exceed the 2GB limit. If you are using Outlook and its size exceeded more than its limit, then the chances of your PST file corruption are more. It may leads to serious data loss situations. Then to repair Outlook PST files on various versions you can make use of powerful Outlook PST recovery software.

Following are the few reasons that may leads to PST file corruption:

  • Abnormal termination of Outlook: Since Outlook uses complex database file to keep everything, it needs to exit properly upon saving all data. Sometimes while accessing Outlook the system may suddenly turn off because of power failure or application crash. It will close the Outlook forcefully without saving any data which can results in some incorrect or incomplete information on PST file. This garbage data could lead to PST file corruption.
  • Over sized PST files: if PST file exceed its maximum size on any version of Outlook, it gets corrupted and Outlook will not open so that you cannot access any information from the Outlook.
  • Due to compact operation: Most of the people would like to compact their data to reduce the size. When you attempt to compress your PST file for portability, additionally, it can result in the corruption of PST file.
  • Impact of vacation applications: There are some improperly protected email servers which easily let the viruses or malware to go into through them. While accessing your emails, in case you come across such servers, you will find probability of your PST file getting infected from the virus. Once it’s infected, it is going to automatically slow up the operation of Outlook and can also get corrupt.

These are the important scenario where you will lose data from Outlook. Under these situations you may lose important information from your Outlook. Then you may think on how to recover Outlook calendar appointments, contacts, journal, to do lists or any other data, which you have lost due to PST file corruption. However, there is no need to worry because it is possible to repair corrupted PST file and get back all lost data from your Outlook. There are many third party tools like PST recovery software is available; using which you can recover Outlook data, irrespective of reasons. No matter the reason why you lost Outlook data, in case you face PST file corruption without backup, then using some PST repair utility is the only option left for you.

It’s also possible to repair PST file using built-in scanpst.exe tool, but it may not work well if the PST file is corrupted severely. Moreover, scanpst.exe is not able to handle severe corruptions. So it is advised to utilize good PST recover file software which really performs well to recover Outlook data. Using this tool you can repair your PST file without modifying a single character of your respective original PST file. It will scan your corrupted PST file, extract data from it and creates a fresh PST file that you can import to your Outlook profile. Repair Outlook PST is such utility that provides a powerful repair mechanism. It gives you two options to get a new level of scan and output based on the severity of your PST file corruption. You can even download free trial version of this software and evaluate Outlook PST recovery results.