How to fix AVI file Mac?

AVI files can be an audio or video file format like MPEG and MP4 files. If you are watching movies or videos always, if the video file is corrupted due to processing load then it gives an error. When such situations come to you, your mind will be disturbed. If you are a lover of music or videos, then you can’t leave it. In some cases, you will find that the video is not playing correctly but it was playing correctly before. If your videos have damaged, then how to fix AVI file Mac?

Suppose you have Mac OS on your system and AVI video files are not working on the particular system. Then how to repair AVI files on Mac? You can follow the Repair AVI software. Due to corruption, video files are damaged and if severe corruption happens then AVI files are unplayable. Sometimes pictures move but the sound does not come or screen freezes and the movie go on with sounds only. What is the main cause behind this? Using this repair tool you can fix corrupted video files. Mac systems support AVI files and needs a media player to play the video. You just assume a situation, where you were recording the funniest moment of your friends and suddenly the video camera stopped working. After that when you connect it to the system, you found that there are no data. Then you recovered the files using recovery software and when you want to play the video, it gives an error message showing that “can’t open the file”. In such type of cases what will you do? Nothing to worry about it! Now you require video repair software to overcome such type of problems.

Problems for video corruption

  1. Due to codec issue of video files, files are damaged and you may require a codec to decode it.
  2. Video data may damage due to lower versions of media player which doesn’t support the input data.
  3. When picture freezes but the sound continues, at that moment video file may corrupt.
  4. Video files damaged or broken due to incomplete download or transferring error.
  5. Sometimes undefined errors occurred like video is out of synchronization. That error may be a reason for data corruption.
  6. If you have a problem with Mac volumes/partitions, then video files are lossy.
  7. Improperly shutting down the system when the movie or picture is in progress, is also a reason for loss of files.
  8. Power surge when moving videos from one system to another storage device may result in a loss of files.


Download and install the Mac AVI video repair software on your Mac machine. Then select the corrupted AVI file on the screen and click on “repair”. It will start repairing the video and you have to wait until the process is done. You can preview the repaired file after repair process is finished. Then you can save the fixed AVI file using the button click  of “save repaired file” after buying the whole version.