Recover photos after accidental restore

The iPod is a handy media player which is introduced by Apple Inc. Now iPod has so many versions like Classic iPod, Nano iPod, Shuffle iPod and Touch iPod. It is a very good media player which contains a huge amount of media files like audio, video and photos. It is an external data storage device used for storing digital musics and iPod on the device.

The iPod is a media player, which is designed by Apple Inc. Using this application, you can download, play and organize the audio and videos on your computer where the Mac operating system is working. This is also released with the new version of Windows operating systems. You can purchase an iPod from the market and download your favorite songs, videos, audio books, iPod games, etc. But similar to other data, songs from the iTunes may also delete due to user mistakes or unknown logical errors. If all the media files including photos are deleted accidentally, then how to do iPod photo recovery at that time. However, it is possible to recover music files by using a third party tool like data recovery software.

A small mistake of the user may cause the loss of precious songs from iTunes. ITunes can be obtained in different versions and you can upgrade it to the advanced version easily. Sometimes you may lose your favorite songs from the playlist, due to improper upgrading of the iTunes library. Other than these, there are other scenarios where you may lose audio files from your iTunes. Let us have a brief look at some of them.

Synchronization error: Sometimes you may get an error message while synchronizing iPod to your computer, like “Attempting to copy the disk iPod failed, unknown error occurred”. You can receive such error message while attempting to send audio files to the corrupted iPod devices.

 Folder corruption in iPod: You may not be able to access music files due to iPod music folder corruption. If the iPod music folder is corrupted, you may get an error message and that leads to loss of all media files from the iTunes. You may encounter this scenario due to wrong placement of music folder, improper assignment of a folder in the registry, etc.

User’s mistakes: The most common errors which results in loss of media files from iTunes library are like accidental deletion of files from the iTunes library, upgrading iTunes application without getting a backup, etc.

IPod crash: Sometimes the iTunes application cannot respond after installing the updates. You cannot access songs, photos, videos and all other data from the iTunes library. It can happen due to corrupt iPod library, volume corruption, file system corruption, etc.



Ways to recover data from hard drive

In today’s world there is a great demand for data storage. Hard disks are the main and largest data storage devices which are utilized for storing and retrieving digital information from nonvolatile memory inside a computer. As per the demand many such varieties of Hard disk drives are manufactured which gives various kinds of interfaces like SATA, IDE,SCSI and much more by different brands. Thus if you find the necessity of storage device external hard disks are used widely because they are reliable and portable.

These external hard disk drives are similar to hard drive of your computer which will help the users to differentiate and stores files by creating multiple partitions. In this digital era, regular users of laptops or computer keep them updated with various technologies. The information stored contains photos, music, games, educational material and a lot of other personal information and if it’s employed for business purposes, it could contain business-related data like customer details, records of inventory and sales along with other information related daily activities of business.

Whenever a need comes to save more and more data related to any purpose a person always choose to purchase extra storage devices like external hard drives, Storage device, USB flash cards, Fire Wire drives, iPods etc. The majority of the devices are portable which makes you capable to carry them wherever you go. Corruption of these portable devices is very common reason wherein they can get physically or logically damaged which leads to data loss as you depend on these units and think that the stored data on these drives is save. The safety of data depends on lifetime of the operating system utilized in your drives.

Consider yourself in a scenario in which you did documentary on life of your best friend’s with pictures and videos which you wish to surprise her by presenting on her birthday. You want to keep this personal so that if in case your friend will access you come to know about your surprise. So you decided to purchase an external hard drive. Now-a-days there are many such drives available in the market. After getting the drive you transferred your entire data into the external hard drives. But accidentally you dropped the hard drive, which made scratches on your drive, where some part of data was lost and making the portable drive not working. Whenever you connect you portable drive to computer using USB port you weren’t able to access the files. This is the worst moment in your life and you are wonder to recover your lost data at any cost.

Don’t worry!!! Just chill, your deleted data can be easily recovered using some from the file recovery software which is now available online and the majority of the software’s get their demo version which helps the end users to check the performance of the software before they use. So that you can use drive recovery software which lets you recover data from hard disk.

However, there are other data loss situations which you may face when you are working on hard disk.

Common data loss scenarios:

File System Corruption: Corruption may occur due to improper shutdown of the computer because of power fluctuations while data transfer process is going on which might lead to data loss on hard drive.

Malicious spyware: When the drive is infected with virus, then there are chances of data getting damaged and does not allow the access the file.

Bad sectors: Due to bad sectors, the files that are fragmented may loss the data partially which corrupts the data.

Third party application: Using 3rd party Application for partitioning without knowledge leads to loss of data.

• Human errors: Accidently or intentionally formatting the partition of the hard drive may cause data loss. For example: when attempting to format E: drive user may select C: drive. Also the data is lost due to accidental conversion of partition from dynamic to basic.

Software errors: Errors generated during conversion of file systems may corrupt the data and also lead to data loss.

The hard drives may get overheated because of the absence of sufficient ventilation techniques. The information can also be lost due to virus attack to your hard drive and power failure. Stop making use of your external hard drive immediately when you realize that you’ve lost your valuable data from it due to any of the mentioned reasons. Because adding or saving further data can lead to overwriting of deleted data space with new file content. If deleted data space gets overwritten by new data, it is not easy to recover deleted data back from hard disk by utilizing any software.

There are many data recovery application which helps you to recover data from hard drive. But you have to get the best software to make your recovery simple and easy and fast. Thus you can use hard disk recovery software which helps you to restore your lost data out of your hard drive or any other storage devices which bypass Windows recycle bin easily.

This software enables you to recover your lost media files like pictures, movies, videos etc. and offers all necessary data recovery modules, which lets you retrieve your lost data easily. This tool allows you to restore deleted, lost or corrupted partition from different models of external HDD after FAT table corruption. This software gives you the fastest recovery of information from lost/missing partitions, formatted, reformatted partitions and re-partitioned drives. The software also helps you to recover data from hard drive having bad sectors by creating disk images. The installation procedure of the tool can be simply completed in few simple steps.

When you select the disk recovery software, first obtain the trial form of the application online and do the installation on the hard drive of your computer. Select the appropriate options in the screen and check the performance from the disk recover software once the process of recovery is completed. If you’re pleased with the outcomes using trial version, later you can buy its full version.