Cyber Tip From The Multi-State Sharing and Analysis Center (MS-ISAC)

In the present environment and with the advanced technology hacking is most common and easy. So we need to be careful and cautioned about the hacking and make sure that your account is safe from the hackers.

MSISAClogoLet us study some of the cyber tip from Multi-State Sharing and Analysis Center to avoid hacking of our data.

Mobile device should be secure:

Mostly the mobile users will leave their mobile devices in the public places without locking the mobile. If you keep your device open in front of anyone then he may access your data easily. Other thing you need to do is you should have updated software in your devices because the hackers many be knowing the tracking tricks in the older versions.

So if you update them he can’t be able to access you information. Along with this you need to have a strong password in your device and should avoid the similar and most commonly used passwords.

Be careful while using cloud services:

In the current market there are many providers of cloud services and you should not blindly trust any of the cloud service, because there are many different policies in each and every service. First of all look at the required needs of your storage that is at what extent you need security.

Next you should see the contract in which Service Level Agreements and End User license Agreements are most important all these agreements should be suitable and effective to you.

Stay safe on social networking sites:

We mostly use social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. But the main source of hacking that is targeted by the hackers is social sites. In which your personal information should be displayed to other people.

Here you need to make sure that before visiting websites your computer is protected, never feel that you are in a safe and trusted environment, only provide the required personal details on these sites, do not share all the information to the one whom you do conversation, after using these sites make sure that you will sign out the account without fail.