EMET A Valuable Tool for PC Protection

Computer is a device where you store a lot of important personal and professional data. There will some sensitive data which you don’t wish to share that data with anyone. Unfortunately there are many hackers around us and they may miss use your data. But one thing to consider is even most of the people doesn’t know how to protect the sensitive data. Also your PC may get attacked by the virus and there are many ways by which the virus may enter into the PC. One is when you copy any file from a virus the virus infected devices and other is when you download the file from virus infected websites. Virus is also very dangerous to loss or corruption of files.        Let us learn about how to protect PC data or information.

emet-iconIn order to avoid the association of virus to the computer, there is antivirus software that will avoid the entering of the virus. You need to select the reliable software, because unfortunately there are many ineffective tools that may cause loss or deletion of important files. Also you need to regularly update the antivirus software in order to protect the PC effectively. One basic thing you may know is, responding to suspicious emails or clicking to the emails of that offers fake things, is dangerous to your PC.

To make difficult for malicious hackers and cybercriminals that get in to your computer, there is an advanced tool that complements your existing defenses. Let us discuss about the functions of this tools. If you are well versed with the computer tasks, simply download Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET) which is available for free. It is available some versions of Windows OS such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. The working of EMET is by taking advantage of security technology that already exist on your PC, but may not be used for all the programs. EMET will manage in protecting your computer from undiscovered or new treats until they can be addressed through formal security updates.

14 security mitigations is included in EMET that complement other defense in-depth security measures, such as antivirus software and Windows Defender. EMET installs with default protection profiles, which are XML files that contain preconfigured settings for third-party applications and common Microsoft.