Fix Outlook PST when ScanPST Freezes on Repair

ScanPST is the PST file repair tool that is available with every version of Outlook. It is mainly used to repair PST file after some minor corruptions. After corruption of PST file, you cannot access any information from your Outlook profile. Then we use this ScanPST tool to fix that corrupted PST. But, if it fails to mend that file what will you do to access your information? If you want to repair that corrupted PST file in an easy way, employ this fix ScanPST tool. It will really help you in every case when ScanPST tool fails in repair process. When you are using this ScanPST tool, you may get an error at the time of repair or it may hanged due to some reasons. Then you have to use an efficient third party tool repair those corrupted PST files.

The common reasons of PST file corruption are incomplete or improper installation of Outlook, abrupt system shut down, sudden termination of Outlook when you are working with it etc. After such corruption of PST file, we usually use the ScanPST tool to fix it. Occasionally, this tool fails to repair those corrupted PST files then you need to utilize this ScanPST fix utility. This tool is very efficient to mend the corrupted PST file in various circumstances of fatal corruption of it. If PST file is corrupted due to virus infection or due to oversized, you can employ this application for better result. This built-in application is designed to handle every type of corruption of PST file with ease.

You may get some errors when you are using the ScanPST tool to repair the corrupted PST file. These errors may be generated due to different reasons. If ScanPST tool fails to run effectively, you may get some internal error like “Internal error was found in this file”. Then this fix PST tool will help you to access information from that file. This program is also useful in ScanPST repair after errors like ScanPST MSMAPI32.DLL error. If this ScanPST tool is hanged at the time of repair, then also you can use this efficient application.

In some cases, the ScanPST tool is unable to repair the corrupted PST file throwing some error at the time of repair. You may get this type of errors even after minor corruptions also. There are more possibility of failure of ScanPST tool if the Outlook is installed improperly or due to abrupt system shut down. This tool can repair the header corrupted PST files and restores items one by one. But, if header of the file is corrupted severely it will be unable to repair that file. The ScanPST.exe cannot repair .PST file if it is not updated properly and you are trying to fix PST file of higher version using lower version ScanPST tool. In such cases, you should use this fix PST tool to perform the repair with a few finger prints.

There are some remarkable features that really help you to mend the corrupted PST file in several cases. Besides repairing, this utility can recover all deleted emails, contacts, notes tasks, RSS, appointments journals, notes etc. easily. This application will allow you to restore all attachments to the emails from a password protected Outlook profile. You can perform this repair process downloading the free version of the tool.