How to Recover Crashed External Hard Drive Data?

Now-a-days most of the people are using an external hard drive to store their useful information like images, video clips, text files, applications, documents, excel files, programs, presentations and other business data. External HDD is small in size and portable storage device that can be connected to a computer through a USB port. It has high storage capacity to hold data and is often used to back up data from computers or laptop. It is used as plug & play for transfer of data from one device to other. These external drives can be manufactured by various brands such as Seagate, Toshiba, Western Digital, SanDisk, and many others available in market.

However, it is facilitating people to save large amount of data, but it does not ensure the security and safety of data. It means people can lose your data even from an external HDD due to any known or unknown causes at any instance. Hard drive crash is one of the most common reasons behind data loss. Once the external hard disk drive gets crashed, all the data saved on it become inaccessible. After facing such issue, people want to recover crashed external hard drive data at any cost. So to overcome such circumstances, people need an advanced third party app like External Hard Drive File Recovery application and easily get back all their data just by following few simple instructions easily.

Most Common Causes of External Hard Drive Crashed:

  • Plugging out external hard disk drive connected to PC or Laptop without using Safe Remove Hardware method might lead to its corruption.
  • While moving data from external hard drive to the system, if that system is infected with dangerous viruses or malware programs, then it may cause corruption to the external hard drive.
  • File system that is associated with the external hard drive can be damaged because of several reasons such as error in file system conversion, setting unsupported file system, etc. can cause to drive crash.
  • External hard drive failed, presence of a large number of bad sectors on the drive, abrupt system termination while data transferring process is going on, scanning external drive by using an unreliable third party app can also be a reason behind drive crashed.

Advanced Features of External Hard Drive File Recovery Software:

  • It provides interactive and very easy to use interface by which a non-technical user even can easily recover crashed external hard drive data with minimum technical knowledge.
  • External Hard Drive File Recovery utility supports data recovery from corrupted, formatted, reformatted, crashed as well as damaged external hard drive on popular versions of Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X laptops and desktops.
  • It has built with an advanced scanning algorithm which helps people to recover crashed external hard drive data without any other difficulty.
  • People can also preview their recovered data files before saving them to other storage device easily.
  • With the help of this easy to use program, people can recover various types of data files from external hard drive such as video clips, mp3 music, pictures, text data files and many others easily.