How will you restore files from USB drive on Windows 7?

Perhaps you have lost some of your important files from USB drive on Windows 7 computer by removing the data cable abruptly without following safely remove hardware option during file transfer process. After losing data you might be frustrated and searching out for a reliable third party file recovery program for Windows 7 based computer. No need to worry, since this is a quite common occurring data loss scenario which is commonly faced by most of the users of USB drive. USB drive recovery program is the most effective file recovery software which is highly reviewed by industry experts having years of experience in developing file recovery programs. This software uses inbuilt scanning algorithm which scans the entire USB drive and recover the files with the help of file attributes. Just go through the below explained piece of writing in order to know more about this file recovery program.

USB drive is an external data storage device which can be used in the computer or laptops by using data cable in order to copy or transfer files. This storage drive is developed by various companies such as Kingston, Transcend, Lexar, HP, Corsair, Sony, etc. However, even these devices are prone to data loss because of various reasons like formatting, malware attack, corruption and many more causes. Whatever might be the cause for data loss but it makes you to face huge loss of your valuable data stored in the USB drive.

Apart from losing data from USB drive because of abrupt removal of drive, there are some more reasons which make you to lose your data from USB drive on Windows 7 based PC.

Common data loss scenarios:

  • File system corruption as a result of sudden system turn off.
  • Usage of pirated version of third party applications which conflicts with the operating system and delete some of your files.
  • Unintentional deletion of important files from Windows 7 computer by using “Shift+delete” option causes permanent deletion of files.
  • Corruption of Windows registry results in OS crash and you may end up losing stored data.
  • Reinstallation of Windows operating system without having backup of valuable files and folders results in data loss.
  • Harmful viruses like Trojans leads to system crash or file damage making the files inaccessible causing loss of data.

It is always advised to keep a proper backup of crucial files in order to restore them after losing data and do not add or store any new files in order to avoid overwriting of original files which helps to recover the data using any data recovery tool. In case there is no backup of data then there is no need to get panic, as there is USB file recovery program which can efficiently retrieve the files that are either deleted or lost form USB drive from Windows and Mac based computer. This software provides a “Find” option which is helpful in identifying the file types and restores them on the basis of their unique file signature.

Basic steps which you have to follow in order to use USB file recovery program.

First get the free version of the USB file recovery program and do the installation on your PC. Just double click the desktop icon to open the software and choose the appropriate recovery options which you get while using the recovery application. When the file restoration process is finished you can judge the functionality of the application and if the trial version restores all your lost files you can go for its full version from the internet.