How you can recover data from memory card…by using card recovery tool

Memory card is a flash storage drive, it is generally utilized in digital devices including mobile phones, Tablets, cameras, Mp3’s and lots of other electronics which are depending on embedded technology. Its storage capacity ranges from 64MB to 8GB allowing an individual to keep plenty of files including movies, pictures files and music files. Data loss from all of these cards is a frustrating situation for memory card users.

Have you ever faced a scenario where you lose some of your important files out of your cameras SD memory? But still hunting for a solution to recover SD memory card data, then you are at right path. Memory card recovery software will solve your problem within few mouse clicks.

Which are the scenarios which lead to data loss from memory card?

  1. Unintentional formatting your memory containing your important data.
  2. Sudden power breakdown while transferring files from card to computer hard disk drive or from HDD to card.
  3. Using memory card on different camera or on different machines also leads to data loss.
  4. Memory card corruption due to virus attack, also results in data loss.

How you can overcome these scenarios?

If you delete any file out of your storage device, its content is not erased permanently. Only the reference pointers to those files are removed or erased. Memory just marks that space free for reuse. However the most important step which you have to follow is, stop using the device immediately after facing data loss. Because as you add any new file to your SD card the original file might get overwritten which makes recovery impossible.

Way to solve the issue of data loss?

Crud recovery tool is wonderful software to recover SD card memory card data. The software supports recovery of numerous kinds of audio recordings, video clips, photo file and documents. As opposed to this in addition, it supports recovery of RAW images of formats including SR2, ORF, NEF, CR2, CRW, DNG, ARW, MRW captured all popular digital camera models for instance Nikon, Sony, Samsung, Canon, Panasonic, Olympus and etc. If you are facing memory card corruption issue then without much time go for memory card recovery tool to recover damaged memory card data.

Using this tool it is possible to data using their company removable storage drive also including external hard disk, iPod, Compact Flash card, XD Card, Secure Digital card, Thumb drive, Multi Media Card and etc. You are able to run it on every one of the latest versions of Windows and Mac operating system. Click here to choose trial version of this tool, trial version enable you to judging the program performance. If you satisfied with the end result of trial version then you can download its full version.

Precaution need to be followed

  1. Don’t remove the card forcefully from your system or camera.
  2. Maintain a suitable backup of your important data.
  3. Don’t connect the credit card with already infected PC or laptop.
  4. Choose reliable tool to perform recovery.