Know About Remote Access

Software solutions such as remote access have made you do more than just retrieve files and is life saving. To the host PC these solutions works by sending input from your keyboard and mouse and an image of its screen will be sent back. It is same as you sitting in front of your primary system virtually. The applications that are not there on the client machine can also be let by this.

remote-access-reviewThere are two best remote access examples today one is LogMeIn Pro that costs $149 per year and other is GoToMyPC which costs $10 per month and that is for one user in a single computer. For limited time both the LogMeIn and GoToMyPC are free so that you can check the working of them.

The working of these two remote access solutions is almost the same. Go to the vendor’s website and with your username and password do sign up and download a host module which you install on home office PC. After doing this, any device can be used with a Web browser such as iOS, Mac OS X, Android and Windows clients from where an internet connection is available to sign in at the website and computer accessibility can be seen.

You will be prompted to download and install an ActiveX or viewer control when you connect for the first time. On the client computer, it display the host PC’s screen; by default a black screen in GoToMyPC will turn off desktop wallpaper to reduce lag.

A tabbed dialog box and pull down menus are offered by GoToMyPC for the system options that are ranging from sound quality to printer selection. A top-of-screen toolbar is available in the LogMeIn Pro including laser pointer tools and whiteboard for circling and underlining items on the screen.

A side by side File Manager view is provided by both LogMeIn Pro and GoToMyPC for transferring folders and files between systems. A shared clipboard is also provided by each remote access solution so that on the host you can select some text and paste it into a document of the client. Multiple monitors’ hosts are also well supported by both.

Cablevision ISP and 802.11n Wi-Fi connection can be snappy performed by both programs surprisingly. It is found that GoToMyPC is bit friendlier to use where as LogMeIn Pro’s toolbar and menu are bit smoother.