Solution to Fix Corrupted Files

DOC is the file format which is commonly used by Microsoft Word software. DOC stands for document files. There are different types of DOC format which are categorized below according to their versions. Using tool to fix corrupted files will be the best choice to fix corrupted files.

  1. DOC or.docm (Document):

It is the default file format of MS Word which stores data in a single binary file format. It may contain formatted text, tables, graphs, images and charts. Page formatting and print settings are widely used in MS Office 2003 and its earlier versions.

  1. DOCX or.docx (MS Office Open XML Format Document):

It is the new file format which is created in open XML type. It stores documents as a collection of files and folders in compressed format. It can be opened in MS Word 2007 and its later versions.

These are some most prominent reasons for document corruption. When a Word document gets corrupted it becomes inaccessible or unable to be accessed. In this situation MS Word tool becomes unable to open or read the documents entirely. It must be the most frustrating situation for any MS Word user. The corrupt Word file cannot be opened until we repair it. Presently there are few possible solutions mentioned below which must be chosen to fix corrupt Word documents.

  1. Open and Repair:

“Open and Repair” is a built-in repair feature of Microsoft Word. We must try it to repair corrupt word files. It is very simple and effective solution to fix corrupt doc files. To use this feature, we need to follow these steps:

  • Open MS Word program.
  • Click on Office button.
  • Click on Open.
  • Select file from system directory. Click only one file at a time.
  • Scroll down the arrow on the Open button.
  • Select Open and Repair.
  1. By using a third-party Microsoft Word Recovery:

This is the last solution but not the least one. Actually it is one of the most effective answers. We can use Microsoft Word Recovery to recover data from corrupt Word document files. It can effectively repair corrupt files and recover data from them only up to a certain extent. Third-party tools are available with free demo version which suits perfectly for this issue.

Office documents repair tool has complicated organize to fix entirely Truncated / inaccessible doc files which is built with professional attributes and that helps to retrieve all corrupted / lost data from the machine, it converts unapproachable files to reuse state. It does read only operation and it wouldn’t move, alter or eradicate the original documents. This repair program includes skillful built-in scan utility; it identifies and recaptures complete content from inaccessible doc files without any complexity. This software identifies and protects file names after repair process.

Apart from word and PowerPoint the user can also avail the benefit of fix corrupted utilities to repair video files too. The Video player refuses to play corrupted or broken files. User has to repair such files to make them playable. In which fix corrupted has dedicated tools to repair corrupted avi files and MOV files on both Windows and Mac computers.

Exclusive features of fix corrupted files:

  • Contains simple user interface to avoid complications at repair
  • Includes of advanced file repair programs to fix corrupt files
  • Eminent software to fix DOC and DOCX type files
  • Obtainable for both Windows and Mac OS X computers to fix the files user files
  • Instant professionals support to assist file repair users 24/7
  • Demo version of the software for evaluation with similar functionality
  • Good in fixing header error files without causing any further damage to the user’s essential files.

The descriptive GUI is highly enough even for a non technical user to download and install the software from the internet world. Since the copy of the actual file is repaired and provided to the user the data loss further won’t infect the actual file.

How to Restore Back The Files

Lost or deleted any files on your computer hard drive recently? While lost or deleted any files over the hard drive you don’t have even any idea regarding the data loss. You just know that the particular file is missing from your storage space. Just after the loss you go through the all initial process to get back the files. Some of the user takes the situation as the final as they lose their hope to get back the file. In that scenario computer file recovery software is the last hope remains for you. One best data recovery tool and your lost data will be with you once again. So don’t give up. As deleting any file does not delete the file forever. Still it stays inside of the hard disk.  When the files get deleted, try to restore that particular file just after the deletion.  As much late you will be the chances of the data loss will also increase with the time span.

At the first stage of the data deletion it goes to the recycle bin or to Trash Bin. So by clicking on the restore button you can simply recover deleted files from pc. In some situations when the data do not get stored in the recycle bin then it’s a great headache to restore the files back. So first make sure that you don’t have saved the file on any other folder. And don’t even mistakenly store any data on the same drive before executing the data recovery on the system hard drive.  As it is very common to the users to lose the files from the hard drive but they have no clear view regarding the reasons of data deletion.

Few of the hectic scenarios are explained here. It is like sometime your system hard drive get crashed due to its functional problem and the whole stored data will be erased from the disk. Some situation occurs when you are working with any of the files and suddenly your system shuts down which results in the huge amount of data loss. Accidental formatting the disk drive is the reason of data deletion. Sometimes some kind of antivirus software tries to make changes over the effected data and causes harm to the other files. It may take away the important data. Well once you lost you data, Computer File Recovery software will undoubtedly retrieve your lost data. But as the security purpose of your essential documents try to maintain the backup of the data. So in future, if this kind of data loss situation occurs you do not need to get panic any further.

The Computer File Recovery software is well known to the professional due to its all-unique features. When you are looking for your lost files without any loss that time, it provides that assurance of the data recovery. It can even restore the files from the bad sectors over the hard drive. It is available with the both the Mac and Windows editions. In both of its editions of the software, the ‘preview’ option is available so that you can view the recovered files just after completing the data recovery. So download now the software ant apply on your hard drive to retrieve the lost files immediately.

The Very Best Outlook Recovery Software

MS Outlook is developed by most popular Microsoft Company. It really is referred being an email client and useful for communication to send emails and receive emails. Along with emails you can store other Outlook items like, contact list, notes, personal information, calendar entries, journals etc. These problems information including emails is utilized to keep in one common file and that is referred to as a PST (Personal Storage Table) file. Suppose should you lost all such stored data from the Outlook PST file because of its damage then what you will really do to recover Outlook PST file data? Many of you could get frustrated or confuse and try to recover damaged Outlook file by using its inbuilt function like scanpst.exe. But bear in mind, in case there is severe harm to PST file you need to repair Outlook PST file through the use of third party tool like, Outlook PST recovery software. Many helps to repair damaged /corrupted PST file helping to revive all lost and deleted data as a result.

There are some reasons mentioned below which means that your PST file may get damaged and you also must recover Outlook PST file.

Oversized PST file: MS Outlook application will come in different versions like Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. All of these versions are distinguished by their storage capacity and further features. Outlook 2000 stores 2GB data in its PST file, Outlook 2003 and 2007 stores 20GB and Outlook 2010 stores 50GB data in the PST file. In the event the PST file exceeds this storage capacity in that case your Outlook PST may get corrupted leading to inaccessibility of Outlook attributes.
Failure of Upgradation process: Lots of you’d rather upgrade Outlook application because after upgrading Outlook you’ll get more capabilities e.g. increased PST file storage capacity. But while upgrading Outlook application from old version to the new edition this upgradation process fails due to interruption with the result that your PST file could get corrupted.
Sharing OF PST file over network: In the event you share same PST file over LAN/WAN network, your PST file get damaged due to failure of network connection while accessing PST file.

These are the three major reasons with the result that your PST file can get damaged and face data loss. There are some more reasons like, virus or malware attack on PST file, while accessing PST file abrupt system turnoff etc may also affect to break of PST file. So to avoid such kind of data loss problems it is possible to keep to the following steps,

• Don’t work on multiple emails simultaneously.
• Keep a updated, strong antivirus in system.
• Close the Outlook application before switching off system
• Keep a backup of PST file.

Therefore, if you wish to recover Outlook PST file data you’ll be able to utilize the best Outlook recovery software. Many really helps to recover Outlook data from damaged Outlook file very easily and efficiently. Outlook recovery software program is available in free demo version that you can download in your system and check out for file recovery from damaged PST file.


Tips to repair MOV video clips

MOV is a form of video formatting that is utilized by Quick Time media players. This can be able to holding movies, music along with other kinds of media files. The MOV file format is used in most kinds of camcorders along with the videos are played on computer through the use of Quick Time media player. The Quick Time player is developed by Apple. The MOV files tend to be on the internet nonetheless they cannot be played without a platform like Quick Time. Nonetheless it may be played on the PC by converting it into another formatting.

Many times you may not able to play one of your video on Mac, because of its corruption. You can repair video file by utilizing some vacation utility like video repair software. Let us see a few of the causes of video file corruption that are explained here. Most of the time, video files are corrupted as a result of virus attack. Virus can be a destructive element which has the capability to eliminate the primary bits of your multimedia files. In some scenarios the viruses may eat away some part of your media file thus it’ll be inaccessible, and should not open properly. One more reason for video file corruption is incorrect improvements on file extension. File extension might be altered but this alteration could cause damages around the file in the event the altering process just isn’t appropriate. Wanting to change file extension manually or by making use of inappropriate vacation application damages your file severely. Suppose if you wish to change MOV file to MP4 file as well as for that purpose if you work with inappropriate file extension altering software, then your file may get corrupted. By trying to play any MOV file on such a player which is not competent and right for running MOV file, it might gets corrupted.

The Move file may also be gets corrupted due to incorrect elimination of memory card. As an example, if you have removed your storage device from the system while transferring video file, then your file can get corrupted. The improper ejection of removable hard drive is among the main reasons for MOV file corruption. Thus you will get large number of reasons for video file corruption. In case if your video file is corrupted, then you can certainly repair corrupt video files using vacation application.

Video repair is an excellent utility that may be used to repair corrupted or damaged video clips. This software supports to repair MP4 video files and audio tracks which aren’t playable on Quick Time. The program takes the corrupted MOV video file and separates two data streams like video stream and audio stream. After completion of repair process, it combines both streams and is really a playable video file. It supports several types of video files like avc1, mp4v, mjpeg etc. You may also view repaired files before saving and this will assist you to evaluate using demo version.

Data recovery tool from USB drive

External hard drives are today quite trendy and utilized to store essential data. It is specially uncomplicated to sustain stored data. Most of the people make use of USB drives on Mac system to hoard essential data as endorsement. Mac USB drives come with advantageous size and advanced storage capability which tempt numerous users. However, nowadays much requirement is there for USB drives as they can store and keep up vast amount of data. But sometimes there exist some reasons to corruption/deletion of your data from Mac USB drives. Somewhat, generally these deletion scenarios are also augmented concurrently along with its usage. Sometimes, a silly reason or any human unintentional mistakes make you to lose data from USB drives. It is enhanced to identify the approaches to beat such data loss scenarios. Once you miss/delete the essential data means you will be astounded!! You could be looking for data recovery from USB drive. Mac recovery software can helps you to conquer this trouble. Go through data loss scenarios which are listed below.

Universal scenarios of USB flash drive data loss:-

  • Bad sectors: – When there is any bad sector existing in USB drives and you could endeavor to store the essential files on it. It may tend to unapproachable or any logical errors will dislocate the present location of saved files, it will lead to data loss.
  • Virus contamination: – There is a prospect of virus attacks to your USB drive when you connect your USB drive or mini SD card to your Mac system to relocate data, that time virus will make unapproachable to all content of your USB drives.
  • Booting error: – Sometimes you could attempt to make USB flash drive or any external drives to bootable disk without copying its current files to other storage location, that time there is a chance of losing the data from your USB flash drives.
  • Power surge: – When you are assigning any important from USB flash drive to your Mac system, if power may fall short abruptly, or unintentionally you detach the external drive from system that time there exists prospect of corruption/inaccessibility of your USB drive and results to data loss.
  • Unintentional deletion: – You may accidentally delete precious data or you may clear the USB drive which is connected to your system. When you clear the external drive, entire files which are placed in it will be removed resulting in data loss.

This software is moreover efficient to retrieve any sort of data, and has the capacity to arrange recovered data in a proper way. Mac USB recovery software will pick up all lost or deleted data from your USB flash drives under above listed scenarios.. This tool is developed by skilled industrialists. In order to recover data from external hard drive, it is consigned with well-built scan engine and pertinent algorithms to support this software to recover punctually.

This software could still add / edit signatures for files that are not scheduled correctly. This recovery program secures external hard drives and also experienced sufficient to recover data from USB flash drives, FireWire drives and mini SD cards. It has the prospective to categorize and recuperate all kind of data like photos, music, movies and documents of unlike formats.

This software is available in trial sort; you could download the trial sort of USB drive recovery software. You will understand how this software in fact works. Using this freely available trial version you can view all deleted or mislaid files. To hoard the recovered files you should have to purchase the complete version of this software.

Best way to repair outlook 2003 PST file

Microsoft Outlook can be an email client designed by Microsoft that’s popular for email communication, maintaining contacts, scheduling meetings, setting reminders, etc. This is extremely useful application because it will help us to be in touch with your contacts and tasks that people should perform. Every one of the emails and other information associated with Outlook are stored in your own storage table file i.e. PST file, which might get corrupt in certain situations. The PST damage can happen as a result of some unexpected incidents like virus attack, PST header corruption, abrupt Outlook termination, power failure, hard drive crash, etc. In such situations, you need to follow some PST correction ways to solve the matter. In case if you are not able to resolve this challenge manually, you will want to endure some alternative party tools like repair PST utility.

Let us think about scenario wherein you might be trying to open your Outlook 2003 but you’re obtaining the following error message.

“Unable to get into the folder, invalid path or PST can not be accessed, access denied”

The primary reason for your above error message could be that the PST file continues to be corrupted due to some software errors. After the PST (Personal Storage Table) file is corrupted, the Outlook becomes struggling to access the information from the file and thereby displaying the error message.

To fix the above error of the Outlook PST file, you possibly can make usage of inbox repair tool i.e. scanpst.exe tool. However, if you’re struggling to fix the PST error by using this inbuilt tool you’ll need to utilize a third party PST repair utility to repair outlook 2003 PST file.

The PST file of one’s Outlook 2003 can be corrupted because of virus attack, improper shutdown of system, oversized PST file, incorrect termination of Outlook, power surge, etc. If you encounter such scenarios, there you may lose important emails and it may cause lot of problems. However, by using in these Outlook errors you may still find more chances to conquer from problems using PST repair utility. For most of the above mentioned scenarios you’ll be able to fix the Outlook error applying this software. It is capable of doing perfectly to repair severely damaged PST file that may be corrupted due to oversize of PST file. Together with PST repair on Outlook 2003, additionally, it may repair PST file on Outlook 2007, 2010, etc.

Usually the PST file grows regularly with all the emails as well as other attributes which can be used on your Outlook. Your email that you have received may contain large amount of attachments that may also be saved in the PST file, which can increase the size of PST file. If the PST file reached its maximum size defined by the Microsoft, then this Outlook is not going to respond or stops functioning. The Outlook cannot open on account of oversized PST file and then you should repair PST file in order to bring your Outlook in working state.

PST repair utility is surely an industry recommended tool to correct severely damaged PST files from various Outlook versions. Applying this software it is possible to recover emails from Outlook PST file that could be deleted from “deleted items” folder. This software can successfully repair PST file and recovers emails, contacts, notes etc out of your Outlook profile. You should check the opportunity of PST recovery before buying the software, using trial form of the software. When you content with the end result obtained from the demo version of the application, you can buy the full form of the software.

How to recover data from formatted hard drives

Formatting is a process of erasing all the contents from the computer’s or any of your storage devices’ memory. It can be performed in any situation and on any device utilized to keep data. You can format your device in two ways they are full format and quick format. Full format will scan the hard drive over completely from scratch; rebuild all of its file structures. On the other hand, Quick format will just blank FAT and directory table without checking for bad sectors. Whenever you format a drive you need to be careful and should have taken the backup of the data stored on the device. After formatting you can use this data to restore back your data.

In a few instances formatting becomes mandatory; it’s not a hazardous task until and unless you have a backup of your data. The problem arises only when you don’t have this backup, because this leads to permanent loss of data from your hard disk. Consider a situation that you are trying to open a file but because of some errors you will not be able to open it. In order to open this file you will be asked to format the drive, you will not even permitted to take the backup. In this situation you are forced to format the hard drive. To be on safer side you choose to do Quick format. After formatting is done, you will be worried on how to recover my hard drive after quick format. However you don’t need to worry, as there is recovery software that will recover your entire lost and formatted data from your hard disk drive. This software can recover your entire data just in couple of minutes. The software is formatted data Recovery software.

This is not the only situation in which you format your drive there are numerous situations like this in places you format your drive. The most popular reasons are:

  • Accidentally selecting a wrong dive or partitioning and format it for which there is no backup, while partitioning and formatting the drive
  • Unknowingly choosing the “format” option rather than selecting “scan for viruses” option on any drive
  • Forcefully formatting the drive due to some errors while trying to access data or document
  • File system corruption due to virus / malware/ spyware attack also leads to formatting the drive
  • Reinstalling the Operating system also results in formatting the hard drive

In the above situations if you don’t have the backup, there are chances of losing data. In such cases, I’m able to undoubtedly say that this software is capable of doing my hard drive recovery to recover data lost in any of the above situations. Following are the key features of this software that made me confident about it:

  • Disk Cloning feature helps in data recovery from hard drives with bad sectors as well as in quick recovery of deleted files
  • Able to recover and also identify different file formats according to their unique file signatures
  • Easily recovers complete data from formatted, re-formatted, repartitioned and crashed hard drives from both Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Supports recovery of data even from corrupted file systems
  • It also bypasses bad sectors by creating disk image files and recover files from different types of memory cards, iPods, USB drives, FireWire drives, etc.

These are a few of the features of this software. In order to check the ability of this software you can download the free trial version of the software first. If you’re pleased with the outcomes you can purchase the software. Once you download the software, follow these steps:

  1. Install it on your desktop or laptop and Run the software
  2. Select the “Recover Partition / Drive ” option from the main screen and then select “Formatted Recovery” option in the next window
  3. Select the drive for recovery and press “Next”
  4. Scanning process starts, once it completes, save the session then you can easily see all your recovers files
  5. Can even view each files using the “Preview” option to evaluate the chances of recovery
  6. Now, purchase the software and save the recovered files

Simplest way to repair errors in Outlook PST files

The developed technologies allow the user to use more enhanced features by launching various products. MS Outlook is regarded as the most powerful email client tool designed by Microsoft Inc. It provides a better management tool to handle emails with an excellent interface. This Microsoft Outlook comes up with various versions like 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010.

Microsoft Outlook stores entire Outlook data like contacts, emails, messages, notes, calendar, appointments etc. within a particular folder called as PST file. This Outlook PST file has different file structure and provides Unicode support. The file size limitation of this PST file varies for different versions of Outlook like file size for 2000 is 2GB, Outlook 2007 is 20GB and Outlook 2010 is 50GB.

There are times where even these PST files get corrupt due to variable factors like virus attack, human errors, abrupt Outlook shut down, etc. which results in inaccessibility of data and you may suffer severe data loss.

Consider yourself in a scenario where you compressed your MS Outlook profile in order to save memory on your Windows based PC. Later when you tried to extract the archived PST fie, it displayed an error message saying that your PST file is corrupted. After this kind of situation you must be unable to access your Outlook archive file. Now you must be worried and thinking a way to fix PST errors and restore the lost data back from it. But you will be surprised to hear that the damaged PST file can be fixed easily by using repair PST software.

There are many repair software’s made available in the market which lets you to repair the file and restore your lost emails back. One such software is Repair PST tool which supports all the versions of Microsoft Outlook. However, you must also be familiar with some more data loss situations which you may face while using Outlook.

What are the Reasons for data loss from Outlook?

  • Accidental deletion of emails from MS Outlook.
  • Outlook PST files also get corrupted due to virus infection and crashing hard drive of your PC which causes loss of important data.
  • PST files get damaged because of corrupted hard drive partitions which also lead to huge data loss.
  • In the event if the file is modified by many users over the network then the PST file gets corrupted resulting in loss of emails.
  • Corruption of Email header also causes data loss stored in Outlook PST file.
  • Improper shut down of your system which makes the Outlook file inaccessible resulting in loss of data.

In order to avoid data loss from your Microsoft Outlook you need to take care some of the protective steps which are listed below:

  • Take regular backup of your important Outlook PST file.
  • Always update your system with antivirus program to make your computer free from deadly virus.
  • Stop using your Outlook after corruption to avoid overwriting of data.
  • Use reliable power source to avoid abrupt shutdown of your computer.

In case if you face any of data loss scenarios then no need to worry you can easily repair your damaged Outlook PST file. This can be done by making use of inbox repair tool called scanpst.exe which allows you to fix corrupted PST file. This inbuilt tool will not work if your PST file is severely damaged. But still you can fix it using PST repair tool which provides the best solution for the question how to repair password protected PST file?

PST repair tool repairs severely corrupted PST file to recover not only emails but also all the Outlook attributes like tasks, notes, attachments, sent items etc. This software repairs Outlook PST files created on all versions of Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. This utility helps you to fix oversized Outlook PST files .It also repairs OST files and restore data from it. This repair tool ensures the safety of your source PST file as it stores the restored data in a new PST file. The software supports recovery of Outlook contacts from different versions of Windows operating system like Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

Following are the basic steps to use PST repair tool at your fingertips.

Get the trial version of the software and install it on the hard disk of your PC. Now open the application and Click on browse to locate the PST file that needs to be repaired.  Select the appropriate repair options which you face while using the repair tool. When your repair process is completed you can check the performance of the software and if you are satisfied with the results you can purchase the Repair tool available online.




Approach to recover external hard drive data

What is External HDD?

External HDD is one of the widely used devices to hold huge amount of data in portable format. Generally people use hard drive for maintaining backup. Hard drive ranges from 10GB to 50TB. Losing such a huge backup is unbearable. There are numerous reasons which can corrupt you hard drive data and make it inaccessible.

What exactly are common scenarios for data loss?

A bad sector on the external hard drive is the most prominent reason for data loss from external hard drive. Due to scratches the external hard drive may have bad sectors. If the volume header encounters a bad sector then hard drive crashes and due to this we are unable to access the data stored beyond that particular sector. In this condition generally people think that they lose entire data from their hard disk for forever. However it is not the truth, you are able to recover lost data by bypasses the bad sector with data recovery application.

Improper ejection of external hard drive may also be another reason for data loss from external hard drive. Mostly people remove their external drive without ejecting it properly. This sudden removal of external drive may delete a few of the files from external drive and leads you towards data loss. If you stuck in any such situation, then don’t worry, be relaxed! Because still there is a chance to recover data by using file recovery tool it is possible to recover external hard drive data.

Formatting an external hard disk is also quite common. It is always advised users to take a backup of crucial file /folders. But sometimes users unknowingly format their hard drive without taking an appropriate backup. For the people who lost their vital files as a result of formatting external hard drive, data recovery software is the finest solution. With this tool it is extremely easy to perform hard drive data recovery.

How you can overcome such situations?

Are you looking to recover data from your external hard drive? Then directly choose demo version of file recovery software. This software can recover your lost data from external hard drive within short while. It really is easy to use as it is designed with the simple user interface.

It works comfortably with all versions of Windows OS like Windows 7, Vista, XP, Server 2003 and 2008 OS, plus it supports file recovery on Seagate, Toshiba, SanDisk, Transcend, and Iomega as well as on various brands of hard drive.

Is there is any way to attenuate this data loss problem?

Yes, through some safety measures you can avoid data loss scenarios like create a backup and upgrade it regularly, use trustworthy source of power supply to avoid sudden system switch off, don’t remove drive forcefully, never avoid warning message, don’t store few file in formatted drive if you desires to recover data from this, don’t forget to install antivirus program in your system. These precautions will shield you from so many data loss scenarios.

Easiest way to recover USB drive data

We are living in the digital world, USB drive is probably the most commonly used storage device, used for storing personal data. It store information in digital form. In the present scenario usage of removable drive increase with increase inside the popularity of electronic device for example digital cameras, Mobile phones, Laptop, Computers, MP3 players and video game, iPod and several more. So many types of flash drive are available in market among which USB drive gains high popularity. They are comes with various capacities, It is extremely portable you can easily carry it anywhere.

What happen if your own personal USB drive gets corrupted? And you lose your entire crucial data from it. I understand it is such an awful situation, but is what really happens. Are you suffering from any such situation? Then don’t get upset we are having an appropriate solution for this common data loss problem i.e. my file recovery tool. With my file recovery tool you are able to recover data from USB drive within few simple steps. It recovers data with its original jest. External USB drive file recovery became very easy with all the emergence of this tool.

Some most common scenarios are defined below which leads towards the data loss in USB drive or form iPod

  • Accidentally formatting of USB drive will deletes entire data from it
  • Abruptly drawing of USB drive can also be a reason behind data loss from USB drive
  • Connecting USB drive / iPod with already infected system may delete a number of your files from it.
  • Sometime accidentally we click on delete button and delete our crucial file also cause data loss.
  • Random transfer of multiple files from USB drive to other storage device adds one more point in data loss scenario.
  • Storing corrupted file on USB or iPod can be reason behind data loss.

Furthermore with this particular you will find some more scenarios which may cause data loss like

  • Sudden system shut down during file transfer
  • File system get damage because of virus attack
  • Improper ejection of device
  • Regular formatting of USB drive
  • Storing file in by using cut and paste command.

To overcome from all such data loss situation, use my file recovery software. With the introduction this USB drive recovery became very simple. This is also referred to as iPod file recovery software; it can easily recover your lost or deleted music files. It is having facility to preview recovered files and folder. This tool can even recover highly compressed zip file or password protected file from USB drive.

Software also contains a feature to preview recovered or save recovery session. From preview option it is possible to use a preview of the file which you want to recover, it can help you in recovering right file. Save recovery session which helps to prevent rescanning of the removable drive. If wish to use this tool the try now demo version. Upon successful installation you are able to view and evaluate the results. In the event the connection between the demo version are satisfactory then purchase its full version to save all your recovered files..