Perfect Way to Repair MS Outlook PST Files

Microsoft Outlook software is an email client which is useful for send/receive email messages, meetings, appointments, managing contacts, etc. Outlook contains two types of data files namely Offline Storage File (OST) and Personal Storage Table (PST). All the information associated with MS Outlook will be stored in Personal Storage File.  This data files can be created on variety versions of MS Outlook such as Outlook 2007, MS Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013, MS Outlook 2002, and Outlook 2003. Microsoft Inbox Repair Tool is the built in application of MS Outlook sometimes it fails to fix the severely damaged PST file to overcome from this failure you can use Inbox Repair Tool Outlook software.

Sometimes, while working on Microsoft Outlook, you might encounter with an error message stating that Outlook PST file has been damaged or corrupted. Because of this error message you could not able to access your Outlook PST data file. If you are in such situations, then immediately make use of Inbox Repair Tool Outlook software to fix up the corrupted or damaged PST file.  It is one of the best way to fix the corrupted Outlook PST file that are stored on any hard drives. With the assist of Inbox Repair Tool Outlook you can fix the severely damaged Outlook PST data file within few simple steps. This repair software is completely free from all dangerous malicious threats.

How does PST file get damaged?

  • Generally, PST file gets corrupt or damage while you are accessing with MS Outlook application, it may get update and any kind of interruption during this process will results in PST data file corruption. This interruption may happens because of accidental Outlook exist or power failure.
  • In some cases Outlook PST file is used in common among several individuals via LAN connection. If any damage happens to network devices (Hub, routers, NIC cards, etc) while using PST file, then you face an error message and PST file will be inaccessible.
  • Because of several issues if the file system of the hard drive or storage device is corrupted to retrieve it you might use unreliable third party tool sometimes this may leads to corruption Outlook PST file.
  • All Outlook settings and data are not entirely are stored in Outlook PST data file. Therefore, if you are migrating the Outlook say from one system to another system, then you have to move other data also like Outcmd.dat, which is menu-setting, toolbar etc. In this reason, also your lack of awareness about Outlook 2007 can led to PST file loss.
  • Microsoft Outlook software versions from 2000 to 2013 has diffident storage capacity of MS Outlook PST file. In case, if you exceed those storage limitation in specific Outlook version then there is a chance of PST file damage or corruption.
  • There is a possibility, that Outlook PST file may get damage because of unique factors such as worms or malware infection in the computer, presence of bad sector, oversized PST file, improper system shut down, file system corruption, software crash, CRC error etc.

Main functions of Inbox Repair Tool Outlook:

Inbox Repair Tool Outlook has capability to fix severely damaged MS Outlook PST file on dissimilar versions of Microsoft Outlook application. Along with repair of PST file you can recover the deleted Outlook items namely appointments, contacts, email messages, tasks, journals, RSS feeds, and many other attributes.

Before purchasing you can install free demo version of this repair tool, if you get satisfied with it, then you can go for purchase complete version to save the obtained files. If any issues arises at the time of installation or repairing process then immediately contact support team.