PST File Recovery Tool

Microsoft Outlook 2010 is the latest email client implemented by Microsoft that offers Outlook users an increased, simpler to use, and convenient email client. Outlook 2010 has many enhanced features than its other Outlook versions like increased storage of PST, instantaneous access to very prominent options, feel good and trendy look of software, simple GUI, which even a non-technical person can easily handle, etc. However, the PST corruption still exists. As an Outlook user you still have a problem with PST data loss and corruption. PST file stores lot of data, just like contacts, notes, emails, calendar items, drafts etc. Whenever the PST file is corrupted, all information related to the user is completely lost. It is a common belief that leads to damage of PST file if it exceed maximum file size limit for a particular MS office versions. Here, you may think the PST size limit is very large about 50 GB in Outlook 2010 and crossing 50 GB storage is not easy task. Then now you may ask how PST can be damaged? Well, because size of personal storage table grows gradually, Outlook starts taking more time when you perform any operation like sending / receiving emails, deleting emails, etc.

The common reasons due to which the PST file is usually damaged are – headers corruption, viral infection, software malfunctioning etc. If at all you have lost PST files due to these circumstances, then no need to get panic. You can retrieve deleted emails from PST very easily by employing Repair PST tool.

Apart from the above stated scenarios there are some more which cause PST file corruption:

File system corruption: File system corruption and bad sector in hard disk might also affect on your Outlook PST file.

Over sized PST file: PST file has various size limits which differ with every versions of MS Outlook. Whenever file size is larger than the limit, then the PST file may get corrupted which results in the loss of PST files.

Improper Outlook shutdown: Sometimes MS Outlook may be terminated due to power failure or sudden system shutdown due to errors. These situations may cause corrupt PST files.

Salient features of the repair PST tool:

  • This utility repairs PST files created on Outlook 2003, 2007,2000, 2010 and it also supports repairing of OST files
  • This application is capable to do Windows 7 PST file repair.
  • The oversized Outlook PST files can be easily repaired by using this utility for e.g. Outlook 2000 PST files limit is 2GB, if it reaches more than limit then, it may get corrupted. By employing this utility we can repair those files.
  • Software provide preview of repaired items so that user gets to know, what all items have been restored from a corrupted PST file.
  • The software  generates the repaired PST files in Outlook 2003 format to 2010 format for easy import
  • The Password protected PST files can be repaired and its data can be recovered by using this application.