Simple Way to Solve Not Formatted Error

Last week I got stranded with this situation; when I tried to access E drive of my computer, it is throwing an error message  “disk is not formatted, do you want to format it now? When I checked the properties of ‘E’ drive, it indicated drive contains zero bytes of memory, even though I had stored the mammoth amount of data upon it. The files lost are of prime importance to me; I need to make it accessible by some way, as I don’t have any backup of the files residing in the drive. I have no idea on how this happened. How can I recover hard drive partition after format error?

There will be instances where a user might get bumped with disk not formatted error message while trying to access the hard drive partition, which makes it inaccessible. Disk not formatted error message is prompted due to file system corruption.  Whenever this message is prompted, the user will have no other option than formatting the drive, to make the drive accessible back again. But by doing that the entire hard drive data will be erased. Let’s find out the causes of disk not formatted error, before studying how to recover hard drive partition after the not formatted error?

Main reasons behind “Disk not formatted” error:

  • Abrupt termination: Shutting down the system abruptly when processes are running on the hard drive may become the cause for displaying the disk not formatted error.
  • Virus infection: Severe virus attack on the computer hard drive will corrupt the file system; there by user will lose access to the drive.
  • Bad Sectors: Too many bad sectors in the hard drive partition will lead to file system corruption and will prompt with disk not formatted error.
  • Other reasons: Hard drive malfunctioning, logical errors, aging of hard drive, in any these cases user may be prompted with this error message.

Whenever a user encounters this kind of situation, he/she will be worried about the data inside the hard drive. They will wait for long time before taking a decision, as formatting will erase the entire data from partition. Most people are unaware about the best practices to recover data from hard drive partition after not formatted error. And situations like these may cause lot of stress to the users, but in real sense you don’t need to strain a lot. These can be handled using a professional hard drive recovery tool.

How to restore data after disk not formatted error?

Whenever partition is corrupted and you are displayed with disk not formatted error, you just need to format it. You can also make use of disk management utility for formatting. After formatting the corrupted partition, the drive letter is reassigned to it, and makes the drive accessible. And as you know by formatting the drive, it will erase entire data contained in the drive. In order to retrieve data from hard drive partition after format error, you can avail the services of Drive Recovery software.

Drive Recovery software is specifically built for recovering files from hard drive partition after not formatted error. It scans the entire drive by making use of its advanced scanning algorithms and retrieves the list of files that were in the hard drive partition. This is one of the best tools that help to perform data recovery after not formatted error with extreme ease. The graphical user interface incorporated with this tool gives a rich user friendly experience, making it very easy for data recovery after format error.

Eminent features of Drive Recovery software:

  • With the aid of this utility you can easily retrieve data from corrupted hard drive partition that occurred due to any reason.
  • Drive Recovery application helps you to restore files like photos, videos, audios, documents, database files of various file formats.
  • Another aspiring feature is the save recovery session, it allows user to resume the halted corrupted hard drive data recovery process at any time as required.
  • By using this tool you can recover data from external hard drive, memory card, USB pen drive and other storage devices after facing disk not formatted error.
  • The demo version of this application helps the user to test the performance of this utility in recovering files after not formatted error.