Steps to Repair your Outlook profile

Microsoft Outlook is used as the most popular unique e-mail client in the world. Its major strength lies in PST (personal storage table) .It’s one of the better application which is integrated into Microsoft office and exchange server.MS Outlook file helps you to share information through folders, forms and internet connectivity. MS Outlook arises with assorted versions like 2003, 2007, and 2010.

Outlook 2010 is the latest email client designed by Microsoft which provides Outlook users an improved feature than its previous versions like enhanced storage capacity of PST file, immediate access to commonly used options and much better feel and look from the software GUI etc. PST file stores a lot of information, such as emails, contacts, notes, drafts, calendar items, attachments etc. Once the PST file is broken, all the information stored in it will be lost. However, the issue of PST file corruption still exists. Outlook users still need to manage PST corruption which leads to loss of data.

Suppose you are using Microsoft Outlook email client to send or receive emails and also you set some rules to your Outlook related to your business in MS Outlook. Emails are not stored as file on MS Outlook. A whole folder like inbox is stored as a single file in PST folder. But when you were working on it suddenly due to power surge your PC closes and due to which your PST file gets corrupted. When the power is turned on you attempted to open your PST file however, you were not able access those folders together with rules… Because if PST files get corrupted it not only restricts you from sending/receiving mails but in addition it result in to inaccessibility of data.

Now you must be frustrated and trying to get a way to repair your Outlook PST file. No need to worry!!! You can easily repair your corrupt PST and recover all of your folders along with rules by using proficient Repair Outlook PST tool. So that you can repair your PST files there are many PST repair software’s available in the market.

Moving forward you must also know some other data loss situations that you face in your upcoming use of your MS Outlook.

Common data loss scenarios:

• Sometimes, header of the email can get corrupt due to virus attack, which will not allow you to open that particular email resulting in loss in emails.

• PST file is stored on the local drive of the PC. When this PST file is shared over network corruption of PST file can happen.

• In order to increase the performance of Outlook PST files can be compacted. You might get some errors while compacting the PST files. These errors corrupt the PST files and makes all emails stored in PST file become inaccessible leading to loss of emails.

• PST files may also get corrupted due to Antivirus scanning program. While scanning, it may delete your email leading to loss in emails.

So any corruption to this PST file will result in deletion of emails, contacts as well as other items from MS Outlook. These PST files can also be repaired using inbox repair tool provided with Outlook i.e. scanpst but if you are unable to repair it using scanpst then you can use PST repair software’s available online so that you can repair your corrupted PST files. This software supports all commonly used versions of Microsoft Outlook.

This software  repairs PST files created on Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010.PST files are very much important and users keep a password to protect them these password protected PST files can be repaired using this software. It helps you to repair oversized Outlook PST files. This tool allows you to repair and recover emails, folders, the calendar items, contacts etc. from Outlook PST file. The recovered details are saved in a new PST file to ensure the safety of source PST file. This software also helps you to repair your PST files that are highly encrypted. You can archive your Outlook profile to save space if those archived Outlook PST files get corrupted you may use Repair Outlook archive software. This software helps you to repair Outlook Archive on other operating systems like vista.This can be done simple in few steps.

Download and install the trial form of the software. Launch the application and select the corrupt PST files .Click browse to find the PST file that needs to be repaired, select the appropriate drive and then click find to search select the file and then click “Next” to repair. Now select the scanning method and destination